American Royal BBQ Championship

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  1. Anyone planning on attending and/or competing ?
  2. mrsb

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    I have lived here my entire life and have never attended!! Don't you have to know someone who is in the competition to hang out?
  3. No , you dont. You can buy a ticket for 10 bucks I believe, and that gets you in the gate for the day. There is a ton of free samples, and every year there is always some cool people that will tell you to come on up and grab a plate and load up. There is concerts there, and all kinds of stuff to do. Its a great time. I cant believe youve never been. Your really missing out. You should check it out this year. Youll wish you would have gone sooner. [​IMG]
  4. davidmcg

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    The American Royal BBQ is a wonderful place. Lots of good people there. If your in the area those couple of days its definitely a great thing to go and experience. A word of advice would be shuttle buses. Driving down there is a nightmare. The walk from any parking spot is an adventure all in itself. park up at Union Station or someplace else and ride the shuttle down. Also I believe they have a competition out in Mission today.
  5. muley05

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    Like KC Jayhawk said, you DO NOT have to know anyone competing to enjoy the American Royal BBQ.

    Friday night, which is the best night for a "party" atmosphere, it costs about $10 to enter. Then many of the bigger team spaces will allow you to enter for $10 or so, and then it is all you can eat and drink once inside that space. They will also have bands and fun stuff like that. And the food is amazing.

    I personally know members of Where's The Smoke and Boneheads. Both have one of the biggest spaces available, and it is a great time to hang out. Bring friends, and most of the money to enter their team space goes to charity.
  6. It starts today and I'm not sure if I'll be able to go. I've wanted to for the last 5 years but never attended. I'm trying to work the angles to get to go tomorrow night and enjoy a party or two.
  7. where is it - I'll stick it on my 'going-to-tour-america-one-of-these-days-when-I've-got-time-and-money' to do list :) (this is a REAL list)
  8. mrsb

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    Good ol' Kansas City, Missouri. I did get invited to one of the tents for a friend's birthday. I can either wear my Harley Davidson t-shirt and get in free or be prepared to reveal myself for some beads[​IMG] . I think I'll go with the t-shirt!

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