Amateur building 1st smoker, seeks advice please

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  1. Hi, I have recovered a small "Fisher" wood stove from my Grandmas house and want to build a smoker for myself. My idea is too buy a 20 gallon drum (food safe), slice the drum in half lengthwise. Attach the wood stove on one end of the drum with stove piping. The drum would be hinged so as too open like a clam. On either end of the inside of the drum I would weld angle iron to support the cooking racks. I have a thermometer for the lid. On either exterior end of the drum, I would attach vents. My question among many is could the Fisher stove be attached below the drum? Why is attaching on one side better and seemingly more common on past threads? Is there any advice as too how to make the drum more airtight once the length has been cut? Do you pally anything to the edges to make them more airtight? Would hinges work? Is there any big pieces of info that I am not thinking about that people could suggest that would make the likelihood of this working out for me? I am scheduling to have this contraption up and running for August 15th, when I am going to cook a brisket for my family. I am really a brandnewby and have no experience, just a big appetite and a keenness to learn. I appreciate any advice, thank you.
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