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  1. I  have just finished an 8-lb. butt on my WSM. It was supposed to be a gift for a friend for tonight but she needs to leave town now till tomorrow. What's best way to store the pork overnight ? it is wrapped in aluminum. (for last 90 minutes).  Advisable to leave it whole & refrigerate it or better to give it the full "pulling" now and store overnight that way. Any help is appreciated.

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    I would leave it whole and ziplock it. I would keep the juices if possible and then rewarm at 220 in the oven, once it is warm again i would then pull it and serve it. It will be fine

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    I like to pull then put in the fridge. Makes it easier to reheat small portions if needed. I always cook my butts a day or two in advance of serving. I also put my finishing sauce on when I pull. Lets everything marry together. If I know I will be reheating in a day or two I put it in a foil chaffing dish and cover with foil. Reheat in a 200* oven and serve. If its going to be more than that I vac pack and freeze.
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    I have done it both ways and agree with Robert, leave it whole, reheat and pull tomorrow.  When I pulled it first, stored it overnight and warmed the next day I thought the pork dried out a little.

  5. Robert and others, too,

    Thanks everyone. I'm gonna keep it whole, in aluminum and put in ziplock.

    Again, Thanks much !
  6. I would pull I while still warm and then fridge it....[​IMG]
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    As a matter of Safety, it is always best to pull the pork. That big hunk of pork will stay hot a long time and take several hours to get from 140*F down below 40*F. Big deal? Probably not as long as there were no issues getting it cooked. Putting a hot mass like that in the refer can raise the refer temp above 40*F putting all the other food items at risk of not only spoilage but increases the risk of food borne illness from those foods. Reheating with the drippings and/or a Finishing Sauce or Apple Juice will keep the meat moist and cook in additional flavor with no chance of drying the meat...JJ
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    Chef Jimmy is correct. When cooling any product you need to go from >140 to <40 in under 6hrs according to USDA. I prefer to do it in under 4hrs.  If you leave it as a solid mass you are running a chance of not meeting that. By pulling it and placing in zip-lock bags with some juices you can lay it out flat and speed the process up and be done much faster.

    Did not see anything on reheating....

    When reheating you need to go from <40 to >165 in under 2hrs. There are several ways to reheat below are the ways I would recommend....

    Best for small amounts. In a saute pan with some finishing sauce

    OK for small amounts. Covered with some finishing sauce in the microwave. Works but not my first choice.

    Best for large amounts. In a shallow pan with some juices and covered with plastic then foil* in an oven preheated to 325. Check after an hour and make adjustments if needed. Then season with fishing sauce as needed.

    OK for medium amounts. In a crock pot with some juices. Not a big fan of this due to the low and slow of some crock pots. This can and will work just have to baby sit it more to make sure you are over 165 in under 2 hrs.....

    * The reason for the plastic is some food will cause a reaction with the foil. It will get holes and this grey nasty stuff on the food. Not sure if it will hurt you or not. I don't want to find out. The plastic will not melt if covered by the foil. If the plastic is exposed in any way, that area will melt. We do this all the time in a commercial kitchen and have no issues.
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    You are describing the Galvanic Corrosion that occurs when two dissimilar metals contact and Electrolyte, aka, a Battery. A Salty and Acidic finishing sauce on the Pulled Pork becomes an electrolyte and corrodes the Aluminum Foil making it fall apart. The gray stuff stuff left on top of the food tastes terrible and can ruin the food. Here is a description from Wikipedia...JJ

    Lasagna cell[edit source  | editbeta]

    A "lasagna  cell" is accidentally produced when salty moist food such as lasagna is stored in a steel baking pan and is covered with aluminum foil. After a few hours the foil develops small holes where it touches the lasagna, and the food surface becomes covered with small spots composed of corroded aluminum.[8]

    In this example, the salty food (lasagna) is the electrolyte, the aluminum foil is the anode, and the steel pan is the cathode. If the aluminum foil only touches the electrolyte in small areas, the galvanic corrosion is concentrated, and corrosion can occur fairly rapidly.
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