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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by ks smokepole, Dec 31, 2009.

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    Hey folks - made a few rounds of Summer Sausage and I thought I'd try Slim-Jim / Snack Sticks - any advice? Thought about using natural casings - sheep casings come in like 100' lengths at 19-22mm. I've only used Fibrous casings for SS, so I'll be new at working with Natural casings - I heard it's about rinsing and soaking. Recipe wise I was wondering if I couldn't just use a Summer Sausage recipe that I like, or if you guys recommend doing something different and have good recipes you could share. Also - I have seen in video where you twist links - then opposite direction - then alternate. So dumb question, do they come un-twisted when you cut the links?

    Anyway, probably overthinking this and just need to jump in, get a good recipe, etc. But asking advice is usually the best way - thanks all!

    KS SmokePole
    Patrick from Overland Park, KS
  2. I use collagen for all my snack stix. a specialty meat shop near me does the same.
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    I've only used collagen here too and I've only used pre-mixes from Sausagemaker and High Mountain. I don't see a reason you couldn't use a favorite summer sausage mix, I've done summer sausage in pepporoni casings because they fit nice on a cracker [​IMG]

    High Mountain sells 19mm collagen casings a lot cheaper than any other place I've found.
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    The natural casing will not come untwisted but you will need to let them sit about an hour or so before you cut them apart. When I did my sausage I just done one long sausage and then went back and just twisted it up and just like you said in opposite directions. Waited an hour and then took scissors and cut them apart. Worked like a charm...

    Gonna do snack sticks myself shortly...Let us know how yurs goes
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    Definitely use the sheep casings. It is well worth the trouble. I have done tests with over a dozen people and all preferred the natural. It has a nice snap and look more real. Don't want to ruffle any feathers here though. It is a matter of preferance. Also don't worry about cutting them. I do the pinch every other piece and spin. Then take all of them and hang over wooden dowels. There is a pic in my post a few days ago. It is easy and very fast. Then when done you just pull them apart and store how you want. I have used several recipes that I like for summer sausage. Just about any smoked sausage recipe will work for snack sticks in my opinion. Try adding some cheese to them. In my neck of the woods they go over great. Once you get this down, try to make hot dogs. Wow is all everyone says that eat them.

    Good luck,

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