A turkey breast, a pork loin, and a venison neck roast walk into a smoker. . . stop me if you've hea

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  1. How else to follow up my original post of four, yes 4 turkeys and a ham.  Anyhow, I was asked by my sister to smoke some meats for my nieces' baptism and she wanted smoked turkey.  As long as I was doing the turkey breast,I figured I would add a pork loin to the menu.  And as long as I had the smoker going, why not add in a venison neck roast, seems logical right? Anyways, here they are seasoned up and into the smoker,


    After a couple hours with that beautiful TBS working it's magic,

    Finished products,

    Who say's a venison neck roast is a waste of time because there's no meat?

    All in all, the turkey and pork loin sandwiches were a big hit at the baptism party, although personally I only cared about seeing my beautiful new baby niece being christened.  The venison was for my own consumption, and aside from working around some of the connective tissues in the neck, it was as tender and delicious as most prime cuts of loin.

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