4th of July First Tri-tip

Discussion in 'Beef' started by dixiesmoke, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. Happy Independence Day everyone! Did my first Tri Tip today, came out amazing! Rubbed it down with a nice spicy rub, let it sit four hours wrapped in the fridge, went to the Weber Gold Kettle set up for indirect smoke. 260-275 per the thermometer on the grill. Took just under 2 hours to get to a nice 135-140. Pulled it I. And wrapped it for 30 minutes and sliced it up for some sliders.

    I was amazed at how good this piece of meat was... I'm going to be buying a lot of these in the near future!

    Getting the smoke ready..

    The Tri ready to roll and rubbed..

    Finished meat right before I wrapped!
  2. noboundaries

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    Nice looking tri tip!  Looks like the West Coast secret is out.  We've been hogging all the tri tips for decades out here.  Glad you discovered our secret because it truly is one delicious cut of meat, a cross between a sirloin steak and roast.

    I was so tempted on Wednesday evening to buy a 25lb cryovac package of untrimmed tri tips for $4.99/lb.  I passed but tri tips will be in the smoker soon. 

    One cooking/smoking/grilling secret for that little pointy end that sticks out and often overcooks is to tie it back under the roast with butcher's string, making the roast uniformly thick.  Works like a charm.       

    DixieSmoke, you started my mouth watering with your Q-views!
  3. chef willie

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    Yeah....that.....LOL. You're a lucky guy to be able to get you some. I discovered them while living in Santa Barbara and was exposed to the Santa Maria style of bar b que. Looks like you did your homework by not overcooking that TT and remember to slice them on the diagonal for melt in your mouth goodness......Willie
  4. bmudd14474

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    Looks great. Just remember with the tri tip to cut against the grain.
  5. Thanks Guys. If it wasn't for the great advice here on SMF I would not have been able to pull that off.
  6. bworthy

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    This is my favorite meat to put in my smoker. I use a Santa Maria style rub and oak for the smoke. I have about a 2 1/2 pounder in my smoker as i type.
  7. s24smoove

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    i love me some tritip, gr8 pics.

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