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    Recently I was lucky enough to get the Masterbuilt stainless steel model from Cabela's for free just by using the points that accumulate on my Cabela's credit card. I've already smoked a brisket, some Pompano fillets, and a 12 pound turkey. The turkey got rave reviews on Thanksgiving, beating out the fried turkey. It beat the fried turkey because it was juicier and quite frankly, healthier than frying in grease. The smoke taste was perfect.

    Now, here's the problem. We wound up with an extra turkey, but it's a 20 pounder. I've read several places that 12 to 14 pounds is the max for safety reasons because you don't want the center to stay in the danger zone for too long.

    I got an idea, but that very idea raises a new set of questions. What if I were to ask the butcher to take the meat bandsaw and cut the turkey in half? Would that solve my problem?

    Here are my concerns:
    1. If I were to cook both halves on different racks at the same time, would the amount of mass be so great that the meat would again stay in the danger zone too long?
    2. Would the turkey turn out dry because I cut it in half?

    Please advice.


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