120 Gallon Trailer Build

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by mdeutmeyer, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. mdeutmeyer

    mdeutmeyer Newbie

    Here are some pictures from a 120 gallon trailer build. Pictures from this site were helpful for me in my planning so thought I would share what I did to help the next person.

    The only three issues I ran into were.
    1. Lid handle design... Had to change half way through the build.
    2. CG issue with the smoker (too light on the front), going to beef up and lengthen tongue.
    3. Basket is too tall making charcoal hard to load.

    I gave smoked with it once and held temp great pretty much on its own.

    Feel free to ask questions or ask for any pics to help your build.

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  2. mdeutmeyer

    mdeutmeyer Newbie

    Tried smoker for a second time this weekend with the neighbors. 1 chicken, 1 turkey breast, 3 racks of ribs, and a small chuck roast. Also cobbled my pid temp controller together. Neighbors definitely approved :)

  3. lendecatural

    lendecatural Smoking Fanatic

    Looks beautiful!!

    How well did your controller maintain temperature? How often did you have to load more wood?
  4. smokejumper

    smokejumper Smoking Fanatic

    Great looking smoker, and makes great looking Q-view!

    I really like that size tank.

    I that a HF trailer?

    What is the damper between the FB and CC doing for you?

    Most smokers don't have them.
  5. mdeutmeyer

    mdeutmeyer Newbie

    Yes the trailer is from Harbor Freight. Couldn't beat the on sale price of $180 versus the original caster design I had in mind.

    The damper in between the FB and CC was a just in case. Saw one somewhere while researching. Was not sure if stack draft damper and FB intake control would be enough. Already had the steel so seemed like a safe option. Not sure how much it would use it with the temp controller however that doesn't dump heat... Just helps make it up. Can post back once I get more time on it.
  6. mdeutmeyer

    mdeutmeyer Newbie

    I only have one smoke with the controller... And second time on the smoker. The controller does what it is supposed to as far as kicking on the fan (22 cfm) but I need to play with the level of charcoal loaded at startup. The charcoal basket is 14x14x8 and loaded about 3/4 full using minion method.

    The first smoke was without controller and temp ranged from 240 to 308 F (275 target) with little additional control other than adding charcoal a couple times, some chunks of applewood, and shutting firebox damper after getting up to temp. Burns about 10-12 lbs of charcoal for 3 hr smoke.

    The second smoke was with temp controller and temp ranged from 225 to 275 F (250 target) with similar setup to first smoke but for 5 1/2 hr and about 17lbs of charcoal. It did a good job keeping the up but doesn't dump heat if there is too much charcoal. I need to play with the initial charcoal load and get a permanent mounting in place to really know how well it works. If I can get a swing of only 15-20 degrees over 3 hrs I will be happy. Cost about $160 to build.
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  7. lendecatural

    lendecatural Smoking Fanatic

    How air tight is your firebox including the vent cutouts? The PID should be able to hold that range in steady state if it isn't working against leaks.
  8. dukeburger

    dukeburger Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Really nice craftsmanship!
  9. mdeutmeyer

    mdeutmeyer Newbie

    Thanks but I need to thank my brother for the welding.
  10. mdeutmeyer

    mdeutmeyer Newbie

    Currently just metal to metal seal
    Probably not tight enough :). Just metal to metal on the door and the fan was cobbled to my existing intake which probably didn't help.

    With just 5 hours on it I think I just need a little more time with it. The biggest challenge I had was too much heat. Sealing up more to restrict air intake during the fan off cycle.

    I have some ideas to seal the door if I can't get within that temp band. Might need to get budget approval from the boss for the enhancements ;)
  11. lendecatural

    lendecatural Smoking Fanatic

    Check the big green egg seals on eBay, 

    eBay item number:


    They are 15' long for $14 delivered, dims 7/8" x 1/8" and adhesive backed nomex. She might not notice!!!! [​IMG]

    1/8" thick should be small enough not to spring against your hinges but still give you a good seal, worth a shot.

    You also need an upper small vent so you can move cooler air through the firebox, that would also help a lot. Dave has posted that picture on here often and he's right, as usual!
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  12. daveomak

    daveomak Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Think about the upper air inlet on the FB... Does lots of good stuff for your smoked food...

  13. mdeutmeyer

    mdeutmeyer Newbie

    Will definitely look at the seal and the upper inlet would be easy to add
  14. mdeutmeyer

    mdeutmeyer Newbie

    Lengthened the tongue on the stock HF trailer to get more weight to thxe front. Also had some leftover steel to make a bracket for the mover so I can move it around easier.

    Also a couple shots of the wood rack I built last year.
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  15. mdeutmeyer

    mdeutmeyer Newbie

    Taking the cold weather as an opportunity to modify a few things.

    Adding rear door upper vents. Changing out rear door latch (need to beef things up a little). Changing rear door handle to horizontal. Adding a drop stabilizer in the back for safety since things are still a little back heavy. And finally adding some aluminum diamond plate to dress things up a little.

  16. king8834

    king8834 Newbie

    How big is your tank and how did u find the Measurments on also building a 120 gallon short/fat tank
  17. mdeutmeyer

    mdeutmeyer Newbie

    The tank is roughly 29" diameter by 46 1/2".

    For the critical dimensions it is based http://www.feldoncentral.com/bbqcalculator.html. I may have adjusted slightly. Everything else was based on other smokers I saw online or my own ideas.
  18. mdeutmeyer

    mdeutmeyer Newbie

    Was able to get some of the modifications to the rear door completed. Paint will have to wait, smoking a turkey, chicken, and venison loin tomorrow. Unfortunately the rear door warped a little with all the welding.

  19. daveomak

    daveomak Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Looking very nice.....   Good job....   Steel has a way of pushing and pulling...  It can be a PITA......
  20. king8834

    king8834 Newbie

    What's your firebox dimensions and your opening on the tank for your box? Also do you have any problems opening the lid at all for how tall it is

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