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    Im totally new to this smoking meat idea. I just bought a 30" masterbuilt digital smoker. Ive already seasoned it like the manual told me. I have a few questions on smoking. How long do woodchips burn and when should i refill? In general, when do i use water for smoking and how do i set my air damper vent? Closed? Half way or fully opened? When roasting rib roast do you smoke half way then just get it to temp? Or add chips the whole time? I have a 10 lb rib roast and its pretty thick. Might take a while. Thanks for any tips and advice. Also, any tips for au jus? I seasoned with butter, kosher salt black peeper and some rosemary.
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  3. fishin, you'll be adding chips every 45 minutes or so (1 hand full should be fine). Read through Bear's step by step for Prime Rib. It'll give you all the info for temps and times you need. Vent should always be full open. Usually there's no water in the pan, but some people will add the water for help making the aux ju. Good luck and remember to post pics!

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    Will the chips burn to ashes? I shouldnt have to empty tray but i can just keep adding chips right?
  5. Yes...in time the chips will turn to white ash. You don't need to empty the try during the smoke. The main reason many MES users don't use the chip tray is that it sometimes get hard to maintain a nice blue smoke using it. Often it's either to light or too much. I suggest looking into the AMNPS or MES Cold Smoker Attachment after this first smoke. Regardless, don't go crazy and add half a bag of chip. A handful is enough each time. Also stick to a schedule for adding. Don't go look at the vent and not see anything and freak out and add a bunch. You'll end up with too much smoke that way.
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    Heres a little video of my smoked prime rib. It turned out great. Only thing was my smoker isn't hot enough to create a sear or crust/bark on the outside. My rub I used kosher salt, hand ground peppercorns, garlic powder, rosemary. I also made some venison jerky and it turned out great too.

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