heat control

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  1. B

    Surprise, MES 40" not heating and Masterbuilt is no help

    I am new to this forum so I am sure there are several threads here that can help me. My MES 40" is only a couple of years old and the unit is in good shape. However, it will not heat when the control panel lights are on. Masterbuilt, in their generic email suggested a new heating element. So, I...
  2. C

    Help! Pitboss1100pb

    Hello, I just bought a pitboss 1100 from lowes been messing with this thing for about 2 weeks now. Tried smoking and everything cooks way to fast. I have it set on p7 and my temp gauge is still reading 250-290. I've messed with the cap on the smoke stack, tried different pellets. Tried looking...
  3. rob gebby

    Running Too Hot

    I have a Landman vertical smoker and it runs too hot. I have tried opening, closing and blocking the vents....no help. I run about 255+ as low as I can go without opening the door. I have a ThermPro probe suspended from the hooks in the top of the smoker as my temperature source. Water pan...
  4. N

    Setting Up

    Hi all! I'm new to smoking meats and low and slow (it's not so popular in the UK but we're getting there!) A couple of attempts so far have gone ok (ribs, pork shoulder and chicken wings) but I'm struggling with heat control! When the starting temp is too high (i.e. 400F) whats the best way to...