first brisket

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  1. C

    My First Brisket

    Tools: Pitboss Pellet Smoker @225 , aluminum foil / pan , Pitboss sweet rib rub , Pitboss competition wood pellets, water pan, brush, cooler/towel/butcher paper Meat: 5 pound Brisket (I could not find a larger one at the time however I have since tracked down a local butcher that carries...
  2. OlympicSmoke

    I bought an 18 lbs brisket. Help!

    Recently bought a pellet smoker and was looking to use it for the first time this Sunday (I have fired it up to prime the auger and season the grill). Hard to find brisket, but wife found a monster 18 pounder at Costco. Can I separate the top and cook just that? Can I freeze the other half and...
  3. duggy

    First Time Brisket Smoke!

    Hello! It's been a while since I've posted on this forum but wanted to share my first brisket smoke experience and get some feedback as well. So here are the details: Brisket: 7.5lb from Costco Smoker: vertical propane smoker Wood: hickory/pecan woodchips Temp: 250F Seasoning: salt, pepper...
  4. J

    Hi from Seattle's Eastside

    Hi, Completely new to DIY BBQ. Fell in love with Texas BBQ during a trip to Austin with a side trip to Lockhart. Got a GMG Daniel Boone recently and am currently attempting my first packer brisket. Fingers crossed that the results are edible. Really liked the brisket at Franklin's, so I'm...
  5. A

    My first brisket

    happy july 4th everyone. I cooked my first brisket. 12 lbs from a local butcher. Aged the meat for 2 weeks, soaked the brisket for 8 hours in beef broth with some apple cider. Used a dry rub with salt,pepper, brown sugar, onion powder, garlic powder, oregano, cummin and a little cinnamon. I have...