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    Guess What??? New Build

    I didnt have much luck with the calculators either, but from what I have read u want your firebox to be 1/3 of the size of the smoker body. I'm sure someone can chime in on the opening and vent sizes.
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    Another new guy with fire box questions

    Here's the firebox to smoker damper, I made several settings to shut down heat if needed. I need to make changes to my fire grate, my cast iron ones have got too hot and bent.
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    Another new guy with fire box questions

    Actually I am almost finished now, just need to cut the hole for my temp. gauge and finish the other side of the trailer for my wood storage. Been pretty busy working on it on my days off. Thing cooks great, holds a good even temp even in cold temperatures!
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    Another new guy with fire box questions

    Well, went ahead and got started on the firebox yesterday at weld class, dimensions are 30w x 24 1/8 x 24 1/8. Guys at class are questioning its size, but I told them I researched the net and what I came up with is firebox should be 1/3 the size of the smoker. This thing is heavy and huge, it...
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    New Smokin Okie here

    Well, i've been smokin for a few years on a cheapo Lowes Charbroil smoker and now that the firebox has rotted away i've decided to build a monster(for me that is). I'm upgrading to a 250 gal 30 inch dia. main smoker body. I have a few questions that I have asked in the build section. I am also...
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    Another new guy with fire box questions

    Ok, here's what i've got, a 250 gallon propane tank that someone already cut into. I'm needing to figure my firebox size but am having trouble with the calculators on here. My smoker main body is 30in diameter x 66in. long. I was planning on building my firebox 30w x 24h x 24 long. Also how big...
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