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  1. unclejim

    Heavy Hitter's

    I have the TS120p. Can roll it around the yard yet it is 1100 pounds of beast! Cooks great and Had it made with 3 shelves if you want to go nuts and cook 30 slabs of ribs.
  2. unclejim

    Meadow Creek Reverse flows, Anyone own one?

    Oh, until we throw the 3rd rack in there. Yup has 3. Lang that.
  3. unclejim

    Brand aint the difference folks

    Like I posted at the start of this thread. Some of the most functional reverse flows are home built. That takes skill and knowledge that only a few possess here. Nobody mass produces a reverse flow pit that has all the stuff the best fabricators here have put together. But most of us cant weld...
  4. unclejim

    Brand aint the difference folks

    I just have to start this. Sooooo many people pumping Lang on this site. Like it it the answer for all things reverse flow. A poor guy complained that his 36" reverse flow had hot spots and people flooded him with advice to just buy a Lang smoker. Come on! Funny to hear you compare an SQ 36...
  5. unclejim

    Lang Smokers vs. other Top of The Line Smokers

    Funny to hear you compare an SQ 36 from Meadowcreek to 48" and up offerings from Lang and whoever. The smallest offsets like the SQ36 are of course going to differ greatly from anything 48" and up. In something as small as the 36, it is hard to not be close to the fire and suffer what you...
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  11. Meadowcreekers unite!

    Meadowcreekers unite!

  12. unclejim

    Meadowcreekers unite!

    Check my earlier posts here about Meadowcreek. I am a big fan and own the ts120p. I looked at them all believe me. Many look away due to price, buy a lesser unit or spend way too many hours drawing and talking about building. Instead of cooking! I was that guy once. Now I cook and experiment...
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  15. unclejim

    Mother Nature Question

    Army surplus wool blankets over the tank will make it cook like its July. I live in Northern Wisconsin and it aint much different here. Unless you are in Barrow. I cook all winter. The colder the better. It is wind that is your enemy. Air tight and a little insulation will go a long way. But you...
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