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  1. tys

    Bacon & Sausage

    That looks awesome. Nice work!
  2. tys

    Almost time to Smoke them

    Great stuff here. Thanks alot everyone.
  3. tys

    ABT stuffing

    The mozarella works great, and is always nicely melted... by the time I pull them off the smoker there's usually some that has dripped out. They turn out pretty similiar to the Monterey Jack.
  4. tys

    Almost time to Smoke them

    Hi Guys, I have four Pork Belly's curing that will be ready for the Smoker Saturday. What temperature do I smoke these at? I know I take them to 160, so I'm guessing 220ish, but do you normally cold smoke them for a while first, then hit them with a little more heat? Actually, any help on...
  5. tys

    ABT stuffing

    We normally stuff ours with straight Mozarellla, once in a while we'll mix it up with some Havarti or Monterey Jack but the Mozarella is always the go-to for us. We always use a full slice of bacon as well. Since we don't have a rack, we'll canoe the pepper and then wrap the bacon around it to...
  6. tys

    Finishing the Jerky Today

    How long does it keep in the jar, and is it vaccuum packed in there or just sealed air tight? I've always put mine in the fridge, since I have no clue about shelf life at room temperature.
  7. tys

    MY candian bacon

    That's some nice looking eats!
  8. tys

    More Canadian Bacon

    Oh, it's definitely called Peameal Bacon and it's best eaten during Shadfly season while at the camp. :)
  9. tys

    How did you come up with your screen name?

    Mine's pretty interesting. It's my name. :)
  10. tys

    Your container for storing smoking wood

    I have a couple of plastic pails that I keep my wood in. I think they were old laundry detergent buckets, they've been well cleaned of course :)
  11. tys

    What makes Canadian bacon

    Peameal Bacon in my neck of the woods.
  12. tys

    Show your dog

    That's a neat looking dog. Does the breed have a name?
  13. tys

    Show your dog

    Cute dog. My sister has a Portuguese Water Dog, I always thought she made the name up because she didn't know what it was, but it looks identical to yours.
  14. tys

    Show your dog

    Here's our beast. Her name's Mabel and we're told she's part Rhodesian Ridgeback and part Lab. Our daughter likes to have Mabel pose with her toys. On the beach at camp. Killing plastic in the backyard. And here she is beating up my moms Great Pyrenese. Mabel hiding the body
  15. tys

    Maverick ET-73 thermometers in Canada

    Cool beans, I'll have to check this out. Thanks.
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