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  1. txsean

    Small backyard reverse flow build

    Hey guys. I meant to update sooner but its been a pretty busy summer. Anyway... it works! Not that I expected it not too but its always satisfying to see hard work perform as planned. Nevermind the added benefit of an awesome meal to follow! I've done a few cooks now and everything is holding...
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  7. txsean

    1st ever build of any kind

    You're going to need more than a tank labeled scrap. Don't tease us, where is the finish!? :biggrin:
  8. txsean

    Small backyard reverse flow build

    Well, here is a little update. Shes outside!!! I still have a little work to, mainly small cosmetic stuff and clean-up. Tomorrow I will do a little blast on the inside, install some temp gauges then light her up. Hopefully she holds together! lol. I have some black hi-temp RTV on order to seal...
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  11. txsean

    M7's build thread. Reverse Flow trailer mounted with storage compartments.

    Dude this is an awesome build! I don't know how I missed this... And local too, what part of town? 
  12. txsean

    Small backyard reverse flow build

    lol, gotta work with what ya got! Not ideal but its worked. That table was temporary and I was about to trash it anyway to free up some space but I just couldn't keep stuff off of it. This is definitely its last project!  Thanks! I've got a life full of lessons teaching me not to rush into...
  13. txsean

    Is Feldon's Calculator really flawed?

    So what do you think is more important, getting the required volume (ex, 5" pipe at 24-ish" tall) or using a smaller pipe at a longer length (ex. 4" pipe at 30-ish" something tall)? And just to clarify, this length is also based off of 100% sized FB numbers?
  14. txsean

    Small backyard reverse flow build

    Thanks! I am pretty rusty, and I'm not saying I was much good to begin with, but this project has been some good practice as a little bit of everything. 
  15. txsean

    Small backyard reverse flow build

    Todays project was the reverse flow plate... Pieces are cut and tacked into place. I actually put the center piece and drains in a few weeks ago. Just need to finish out the welding, which I'll try to do tomorrow then on go the end caps. I feel like this thing is really coming together now! The...
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