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    Smoked Mac-n-Cheese, Pre-Boil

    actually and I don't know how but it turned out just fine. I just took it off a little early. Great reheated. Thanks for the recipe. Will do again with the right amount of flour. lol
  2. timberjet

    Smoked Mac-n-Cheese, Pre-Boil

    Just made this and added a couple chicken quarters worth of meat that I smoked with jeff's rub over pear wood with habanero peach glaze the other day. Looks and smells fantastic. Thanks for the recipe! Edit. Crap, I misread the flour and did 2.5 cups. Going to have to take it off way early and...
  3. timberjet

    Storing your bbq accessories

    this is what I do as well
  4. timberjet

    How to Intensify Flavor in Sauce?

    I use fish sauce. It is the same thing but doesn't affect people who are msg sensitive. A little goes a long way. One bottle will last a heck of a long time. I use it in anything I want to increase flavor in.
  5. timberjet

    Fattie question

    thin bacon is key if you want crispy. You can nuke the bacon a little bit before you wrap the fatty as well to get a headstart.
  6. timberjet

    Hello. I'm a smoking newbie. Hoping to find advice and guidance from those with experiance.

    Hello I'm also pnw in southeast washington. This group is great so ask away.
  7. timberjet

    I'm a newbie. I'm looking to buy my first smoker. Here's one I saw on Amazon. What do you think of i

    Expect to have to do some modifications on that smoker the minute you get it. You would need a needle valve to control low temps and the wood box is not real good so most guys get an amazn or other deal for that. You will need a thermometer that is actually accurate and some other stuff. It is a...
  8. timberjet

    Fresh meat

    Welcome! My only advice would be don't overcook that pork! Thank you for your service and happy smoking to you.
  9. timberjet

    Help with First Roast on WSM

    I do mine medium rare and if someone likes their slice more done it goes back on the grill or a hot cast iron pan for another minute or two. That way everyone is happy. 125, reverse sear rest and serve. 
  10. timberjet

    Coating the inside of a new smoker?

    those units run hot no matter what you do since there is no real way of controlling the airflow. I put a vent in my lid when I had it and that helped a little. A thermal mass in there be it water or sand will help to stabilize temperatures but may not help with keeping temps down. I eventually...
  11. timberjet

    New years ideas

    I am doing a turkey gallontine on the uds.
  12. timberjet

    Help me design a Drum Pizza Cooker

    Dirtsailor built one and it seemed to work well.
  13. timberjet


    2 bags of match light and another crock pot, that makes 4. Anybody need any crappy charcoal?
  14. timberjet

    Coating the inside of a new smoker?

    Just know that the temp way up in the lid is considerably hotter than at food level. That was my first smoker right there. They work fine but take a lot of attention and fiddling. I would start with a short easy cook like chicken to get the hang of it.
  15. timberjet

    Best "Remote" Meat Thermometers.......

    Also weber sells that grommet that is on the new units. You just need to drill the hole.
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