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    Smoked my first pork belly, and did some onions aswell!

    For how long did you smoke that belly, and what was the internal temp? Whole Foods near me sells bellies that look just about that size, and I've been itching to smoke some for tacos and/or sliders. Looks like you've achieved exactly what I'm envisioning!
  2. thepimpofsound

    Does holding in the cooler affect the bark/texture?

    Thanks for the advice Eric. These don't need to hold super long -- maybe a couple hours -- so perhaps a butcher paper wrap would be good to let it breathe. Less concerned about safety in the case and more about them staying somewhat warm and tasty until they're ready to eat. We do have a couple...
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    Beef Ribs ???'s

    Late to the party, but the Restaurant Depot around here sells beef short ribs for about $4-5 per pound for the racks with four bones, and $5-6 for the racks with three bones (which are bigger). They're sold in packs of four racks, and they usually cost around $75 a package for the smaller, $100...
  4. Beef Ribs ???'s

    Beef Ribs ???'s

  5. ribs.jpg


  6. thepimpofsound

    Does holding in the cooler affect the bark/texture?

    I've done full-rack beef short ribs about a half-dozen times now, and have gotten pretty good at timing, as they generally take me about 10 hours on an 18-inch WSM. But this time's a bit different. I could only get the bigger racks with three bones on instead of four, so I allowed myself more...
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    Mueller worshiper from Cinci

    Hey folks, Jared from Cincinnati here. Long-time lurker--well, about five months or so. Became obsessed with Texas-style 'que after a bachelor party in Austin (Franklin one day, J. Mueller the next) and decided to get an 18-inch WSM. There are a few decent spots for smoked meat here, but good...
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