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    is the Omcan 3KVSS worth it?

    I am about to place my first order with butcher packer and have decided that I need a stuffer. My current setup just sucks and take all the fun out of the sausage making. Looking on their site, i found the omcan 3kvss and that is my budget for my new "toy". However, I am not able to find any...
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    i must say, i am not enjoying these anymore!

    There are some pretty good ideas. My next one i planned on making with thin sliced rib eye and baking in a hard roll with some cheese wiz onions and peppers... Sent from a phone.
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    i must say, i am not enjoying these anymore!

    It really is a bummer for sure. These things used to be so awesome! Oh well, i will just keep making them for other people since that is the reason i make most foods. I have a problem, i need people to eat and enjoy my food. I think its an addiction. Sent from a phone.
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    i must say, i am not enjoying these anymore!

    When I first found out about these things, I loved them. I made them a few times and every one was awesome. The last time I made these was in July. I did them 2 back to back days over a weekend and my second day i was WAY too hung over (worst ever!). That second day was not even a fun cook for...
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    Just getting started and looking for suggestions

    I have the same dehydrator and have made a TON of jerky on it. As for your thickness, i found that having it about 1/8 inch thick cut against the grain is about best. Using 4 middle racks with pieces of meat completely filling the trays, i found that normally it only takes 4-5 hrs to dry. A...
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    mailbox mod upgrade for my MES

    I completed the box on Friday and was able to do a 2am smoke of some pulled pork for a bday part at 4pm on Saturday.  The pork turned out very well. I tried to get a few more build pics but my camera was not working at the time. Id rather build the thing than figure out my phone's camera...
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