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  1. shea1973

    Need a new smoker and have some questions about WooD and Pellet smokers

    Need a new smoker. After about 15 years my smoker is slowly falling apart do to major rust. One wheel fell off, just rusted off and another wheel is about to come off due to major rust. The place where you put the Charcoal and Wood on is about rusted thru as well. So basically wanting to...
  2. shea1973

    Questions on smoking a Pork Loin

    Okay thank you all, I plan on smoking it this Saturday.  I think I am going to skip the bacon!  
  3. shea1973

    Questions on smoking a Pork Loin

    Thank you both for your help and especially the link!  Just one last question, I want to wrap the loin in bacon.  Do I need to do that at the beginning or later on in the smoking process?:  The bacon I have is pretty thin bacon.   Thank you Shea
  4. shea1973

    Questions on smoking a Pork Loin

    It has been awhile since I have been to the forums and smoked something.  Last time I smoked anything was last December and was a Goose.  So I decided I needed to get back to smoking again and plan on smoking a Pork Loin! It has been forever since I have smoked one  and have forgotten how.  I...
  5. shea1973

    Questions on smoking Goose, never have smoked one before.

    Could anyone post some good links on how to smoke one or videos please?   I have googled and there seems to be a lot of different ways but not sure which one is the best.  
  6. shea1973

    Questions on smoking Goose, never have smoked one before.

    Never have smoked a Goose before and will be smoking one this Saturday on the 12th.  So I of course have a lot of questions! The Goose I have bought is 10lbs. So do you soak a Goose in Brine and if you do for how long for a 10lbs Goose and is there any special type of Brine that you would use...
  7. shea1973

    Need a refresher course on smoking Cornish Hens!

    Thanks for the link Oldschoolbbq!  I found a lot of good recipes.  I noticed some wrapped theirs in Bacon, I guess that gives it a different kind of flavor for the Cornish Hens? 
  8. shea1973

    Need a refresher course on smoking Cornish Hens!

    It has been a few years since I smoked Cornish Hens so just wondering if anyone could give me a quick refresher course on it!    If I remember right I brine them about 6-8 hours.  Smoke them for about 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours.  The only wood I have right now is Hickory, I know it is strong for...
  9. shea1973

    Questions on smoking a beef brisket

    Chef Willie, I have a Brinkman and I usually use hickory wood when smoking.
  10. shea1973

    who to contact with problems with my account?

    Who do I contact for problems with my account? I forgot about an really old account with the name "Shea" and accidentally logged onto it today and linked my old account with my Facebook account. I was on my account that I have been using for a long time now "Shea1973" which has over 140 post...
  11. shea1973

    What wood is best for smoking pizza?

    Hickorybutt, the reason why I ask is because I have seen people post pictures about their pizzas and my understanding is that they smoked them. Unless I just misunderstood about them? I just always thought you could smoke them but wasn't sure.
  12. shea1973

    What wood is best for smoking pizza?

    I plan on smoking a couple pizzas for the first time next month and was wondering what woods that are best for smoking a pizza?
  13. shea1973

    how do I make my bread come out soft in a bread machine?

    I have a Qster 2 lb bread machine which makes good bread. However it doesn't come out really soft as I want it. I want to know how to make bread in a bread machine come out really soft like you would buy from the store? Can you make really soft bread in bread machine? Also I am looking for...
  14. shea1973

    is it to late to in the season to start growing anything?

    Thank you DiggingDog, I decided not to plant the peppers but went ahead and planted the herbs last week.
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