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    Weber SmokeFire - anyone get it yet

    Weber has got themselves in a sticky situation. They do need a good solution to shore up their reputation in regard to the shortcomings of their SmokeFire unit. Unfortunately those type of permanent fixes (if even possible) take time. Early purchasers are not happy and have made it publicly...
  2. schlotz

    Weber Smoke Fire

    True, the good 'ol bullet smoker although it apparently didn't help them much.
  3. schlotz

    Weber Smoke Fire

    You are probably correct. Their expertise is grilling and the design they came up with points to it. What I find so disturbing is that their engineers apparently knew very little about Low & Slow which could have been resolved by bringing in a few well known experts to try out their design...
  4. schlotz

    430 am 1st time brisket

    Good for you! What's the game plan?
  5. schlotz

    Kroger deal on pork loin ribs (BabyBacks)

    Was in the store late yesterday and they have a BOGO deal going with a stocked case of ribs waiting.
  6. schlotz

    Weber Smoke Fire

    Wow, how can a company that has been in the BBQ business from almost the beginning, blow a product design this bad? Simple answer: they are a grill manufacturer not a pellet smoker manufacturer. Evidence: One smoke and there is significant amount of ash blown out of the pot and combined with...
  7. schlotz

    whats with all the Masterbuilt MES problems?

    Had one for a while but quickly realized we needed something larger so I didn't bother modifying it and instead gave it to a friend.
  8. schlotz

    Need an opinion

    You're fine, get to it!
  9. schlotz


    Man that store is something, Al. Sad they don't ship up north.
  10. schlotz

    Coulotte? Pincanha?? What's in a name???

    Ahh... from my days living in Brazil back in the 60's. Picanha cooked on a rotisserie over an established charcoal bed is one of the greatest treats and a memory I still have.
  11. schlotz

    Need some brisket help, not happy with how it's turning out.

    The open on counter rest time is to stop the cooking process. Once you see a 10-15º drop in IT, it's safe to wrap back up and place in a cooler with towels above and below. I usually rewrap after a 15º drop.
  12. schlotz

    Need some brisket help, not happy with how it's turning out.

    BTW: is what you're using to verify IT calibrated? Same issue...
  13. schlotz

    Need some brisket help, not happy with how it's turning out.

    Don't see any reference regarding how you know what your true grate temp actually is. Built-in therms are notoriously inaccurate. i.e it could say 275º but the grate temp measured with a calibrated thermometer might actually be 325º. Not saying this is the case, but eliminating temp is a good...
  14. schlotz

    Pellet Grill Purchase Help

    Did you look at MAK's?
  15. schlotz

    Leg of Lamb and smoke level ?

    Medium is a far as we ever go and that's by accident. This time being med-well, the flavor was lost and the meat dryer that desired.
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