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    Lang 60??

    Dude, My GF just bought me a Lang 60 Deluxe and pretty amazing. I can fire it up for a few racks or ribs on Sunday. I can fire it up and smoke 10 boston butts to feed about 100+ people or take the top rack out and smoke a whole hog for comps and everything in between. LANG 60 DELUXE bro...
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    Painted Lang?

    Hey, I have just recently purchased a Lang 60 deluxe and I want to paint it to match my black GMC Yukon. Has anyone here had their Lang professionally painted? Not only will think look much better than the flat black paint it already is but I would image it would make the external clean up a...
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    Peach Wood

    Little help... I live in Tallahassee FL and travel to Panama City FL once a week. Anybody know where I can pick up some peach wood? Thanks for any direction :)
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    DIY Wooden Smoker???

    Thanks! That's a little more than I'm looking to build but it would appear that pine wood was used to build the house. I'm looking for more of an enclosure that about 16X16X36 high. All I want to do is smoke cheese, veggies, peppers, nuts and occasionally a few fish fillets. Either gonna install...
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    DIY Wooden Smoker???

    I’m curious if anyone has built their own wooden smoker for cold smoking (not a smoke house but something smaller)? Obviously since there won’t be an actual fire in the smoker, I’m confident that a wooden box would work fine. My next question is what type of wood would you build your smoker out...
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    Beef back ribs??? Really

    So I went to Wal-Mart to get some pork ribs to smoke for New Years day and they were out. However, they had some beef back ribs so I was like, “I’ll give it a shot and see if I can pull this off.” Well, never cooking beef ribs before I really had no clue where to begin. Got to the house and...
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    Smoking in Birmingham, AL

     Thanks for the replies. After MANY hours of extensive research (lol) Lang is gonna be my best bet. However, if money wasn’t an issue, pitmaker.com has me SOLD! Once I figure out how to upload images, it’s gonna be a late night… 
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    Smoking in Birmingham, AL

    Hi! There is so much info on this web page I’m never gonna be able to go to sleep tonight! Bought my first grill (99.99 2 burner brinkman from Lowes) about a year and a half ago and within a week I had already made some mods to the grill to improve its performance and I was HOOKED! That grill...
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    Great Brisket and Spares : QView

    Dude! That brisket looks great! I just emailed the rub rec to myself to make this weekend. well done and thank you!!!
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