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    Where to buy wood and charcoal?

    Hi SuyaSmoke. +1 with Wade for Heat Beads. If you're in a hurry and you're near a Range you can buy them there. The Range now also sell wood chunks. Both are a bit more expensive than buying online, but useful in a pinch. As for Weber briquettes, I'd avoid unless you can get the old style long...
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    Merry Christmas everyone. Have a good one. Robin
  3. red robbo 69

    Sweet Chestnut

  4. red robbo 69

    Sweet Chestnut

    Evening All, I've been offered a load of seasoned sweet chestnut for nowt. I can't very much info on it. Anyone ever used it? Cheers Robin
  5. red robbo 69

    Smoking fish - An old dog can still learn new tricks

    That looks fantastic Wade. Did you find that removing the pellicle improved the flavour?
  6. red robbo 69


    This also would work well with whiting. An underused fish
  7. red robbo 69

    Danny's beans

    I did what you did Wade. I also made catfish po' boys. I dredged them in a mix of plain floor, fine cornmeal, cajun spice and salt, fried them off and had them in a baguette with spicy remoulade, salad, tomatoes and hot sauce. 
  8. red robbo 69

    Cold Smoke this weekend.....

    Hi Tom, I got my Pro Q cold smoke generator last week and had my first few attempts at cold smoking. I've smoked salmon, butter, sausages, eggs, tomatoes and chillies. I don't have any experience, I just lit the sawdust and left it overnight and so far everything has gone well. My understanding...
  9. red robbo 69

    Reds True BBQ Leeds Good or No Good??????

    Went to Red's Shoreditch branch on Friday. I was a bit pressed for time so I opted for the brisket and burnt ends sandwich. I thought it was really good: the brisket was beautifully moist and tender, well seasoned and smoky. The burnt ends were smoked to almost industrial levels, but I quite...
  10. red robbo 69

    Reds True BBQ Leeds Good or No Good??????

    Good review, cheers. I'm going to the Shoreditch branch tomorrow. I don't think I've ever had decent brisket in a BBQ restaurant in the UK, so I'm going to give that a whirl. 
  11. red robbo 69

    What's a good cut of beef to smoke?

    Whole chuck is nice smoked and a lot more forgiving than brisket. Or picanha which you can now get it in Waitrose; it's a Brazilian cut (no not that type of Brazilian cut)
  12. red robbo 69

    I broke in the Weber yesterday.

    Hopefully not at the same time. 
  13. red robbo 69

    Cold smoking

    Just want to say that I've been off work sick today and have spent most of the day lying in bed reading posts on this (UK) forum, more or less from its inception. One of the things that struck me was the generosity of the forum members; not just their time and knowledge, but their willingness to...
  14. red robbo 69

    Cold smoking

    Cool, cheers Piers
  15. red robbo 69

    Cold smoking

    Hi Wade, Much appreciated. I have a few bags of pro q dust which I bought along with a cameron stove top smoker a while ago, so I have the raw materials for the pro q. Have you ever made your own smoke generator, and if so was it easy to do? Cheers Robin
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