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    Dry Beans with No Soak??

    A couple suggestions for a pressure cooker but that seems counterintuitive to my goals. It probably makes a great pot of beans, but I'm thinking of a way to put the beans and brisket in the smoker at the same time and pull at the close to the same time. Or put beans in a couple hours after the...
  2. procrastinator

    Dry Beans with No Soak??

    I haven't been able to find the answer by searching and decided to just ask. Is it possible to make a batch of beans without soaking the beans beforehand?  I know there are 2 basic ways to soak, overnight or a quick boil then sit for an hour.  I am curious how long it would take to just start...
  3. procrastinator

    Need an idea for limited ingredient snack stick

    Thanks everyone. I'll start trying some of the ideas and tweak until we find what she likes.
  4. procrastinator

    Need an idea for limited ingredient snack stick

    Hi all, My 8 year old daughter has had Ulcerative Colitis for 4 years and is having trouble putting on enough weight to stay in the normal growth charts.  She is on medication, and recently we have been seeing a nutritionist as well as a eating from a limited ingredient diet.  The nutritionist...
  5. procrastinator

    114.5 Gallon Reverse Flow Insulated Fire Box

    Got a damper put together last night and some holes tapped for the bolts that will hold the removable stack.  The damper and stack all come off together.
  6. 2016-03-08 22.35.48.jpg

    2016-03-08 22.35.48.jpg

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    2016-03-08 22.35.42.jpg

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    2016-03-08 22.35.34.jpg

  9. procrastinator

    114.5 Gallon Reverse Flow Insulated Fire Box

    Made some more progress. Sure is taking a long time!! thought I would be done before Christmas. Had another project come up that I wasn't expecting. New German Shepherd learned quickly how to escape from 2 different wire dog crates. Had to build a Houdini-proof model. Got the door welded...
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    2016-03-07 22.18.37.jpg

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    2016-03-07 21.51.51.jpg

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    2016-03-07 20.16.04.jpg

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    2016-02-23 22.45.25.jpg

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    2016-01-31 17.14.14.jpg

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