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  1. oscar

    Gary is Gone

    I never met Gary. Never met any of you in person, but I have my favorites, as I'm sure we all do. When I was looking to build an rf patio smoker, I followed Gary's builds, always checking to see what he was up to, as he seemed to always be starting something new or tweaking an old build. Long...
  2. oscar


    Clifish, does "Bridge Street Run" have any meaning to you? (For the rest of you.....it has nothing to do with jogging!)
  3. oscar


    Bill, greetings from down Cortland way! Hope you sold out. You should do a tutorial for those who might want to try this...from the pit and rack construction to the sauce and basting. I think Pops gave some basics here, but it's been a few years. Just curious: what are you getting a half up...
  4. oscar

    Smoker and Grill

    I've used the charcoal basket from the fire box in the cook chamber before, but something dedicated to the cc for grilling would be a nice touch. Something that sits an inch or two off the bottom of the cc, with a couple handles. There, I've got a project!
  5. oscar

    Smoker and Grill

    Yes, you can. My build was a reverse flow with a removable rf plate. I can do a full-on smoke with the plate in, use the firebox and cook chamber for indirect with the plate out, or use only the cc for grilling. Charcoal (and/or wood) sit on the bottom of the barrel, not the rf plate, for...
  6. oscar

    Beef... Whole- Half- Quarter

    Follow up for any and all: go buy you and yours a side of beef! Ours hung at 320 pounds, and we got 204 pounds of meat. It worked out to $4.15/lb. I made a few mistakes on the cut sheet, but I'm keeping notes for next time. We got our beef from a dairy farmer friend just getting into...
  7. oscar

    Beef... Whole- Half- Quarter

    I just read back up this thread more carefully and did up a cut sheet. Great idea. Don't know that the butcher will follow it, but we'll try. Anybody else finding butchers several months out in other parts of the country after the brief meat scare?
  8. oscar

    Beef... Whole- Half- Quarter

    Here in upstate NY, we're $2.50/lb. hanging weight, and .55 for cut and wrap for beef, which beats the hell out of the $9.99/lb. I saw for chuck roast last month. Question for those who have done this often: what do you ask for or get for ribs? Never done this before. Now if I could only find...
  9. oscar

    60 gal Reverse flow build

    Looks good to me. Don't recall how others did it, but I left the corners attached until I had hinges installed. That door may be heavy enough to need a counterweight. Go poke around in the "build" section for ideas. There are some pretty creative fab guys on here.
  10. oscar

    60 gal Reverse flow build

    No, an oversized fire box won't hurt a bit. I built mine a bit longer than originally planned so I could use my firewood in the smoker if need be. Throw some pictures at us. We love to see other builds.
  11. oscar

    New grill first cook

    "Feeling the pissyness in the air......" I like it. Might use it. We had that at our house a few years back. My wife doesn't like waiting for the smoked/indirect cooked dinner during the week. She walked past with a plate of burgers. She: "Where the hell is the gas grill?" Me: "Gave it to...
  12. oscar

    Do you strap down your MES?

    I only strap her down if she's being naughty...oh wait, different forum.
  13. oscar

    My chili always finishes bottom of the barrel. :(

    Whoa....the smoker crowd gets carried away? Blasphemy!, but I agree. I do chili in the crock pot and give it a whiff on the smoker, but to take it start to finish on the smoker is too much. And btw, the further you get from Texas, the more beans you're allowed. Beans judge just fine up north.
  14. oscar

    Pocket knife suggestions

    Three things a man ought to carry every day: a lighter, a bandana, and a pocket knife. Mine's an old Case.
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