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  1. Norwester55

    Amazon links?

    With Firefox I can't see Amazon ads at all. I can see them with Edge and Brave. I brought it up in the "Bugs,Glitches' sub and Hellasteph said " "If you're a SMF premier member, Amazon links may be mistaken as ads that we don't show you but it's not detecting it as a link, it thinks it's an ad...
  2. Norwester55

    Smoke And Gateway Sale 30-50% Off

    30% off on the Smoke and 50% off on the Gateway. That's the best sale I've seen on the Smoke since I got mine at 25% off. For half price I snagged a Gateway because I'm a gadgetaholic. https://www.thermoworks.com/
  3. Norwester55

    Low or no sodium recipes

    Can't help with curing but heres some salt free rubs/seasonings I ran across while looking at spices. https://www.pureandnaturalspices.com/Seasoning_Without_Salt_s/1819.htm https://www.thespicehouse.com/collections/salt-free
  4. Norwester55

    OBS Auber Ins help

    If you haven't bypassed the switch you'll need to have the Bradleys controller on and temp turned all the way up.
  5. Norwester55

    OBS Auber Ins help

    Have you tried it without the cord? I wired up my Smokin-It for a Auber 1200GPH and it seemed to be working fine as I auto tuned. Attempted to cook ribs the next day and I couldn't get the box temp over 214*. Switched back to the analog SI controller and it went to 235 or so and no higher. It...
  6. Norwester55

    My 360 air fryer pork loin.

    Looks good and you guys are killing me with these rotisseried pork loins! I'm gonna have to head to Costco tomorrow and pick up a loin.
  7. Norwester55

    SV Eye Round and Smoked Apple Crisp...Test?

    Looks good! Is that Fette Sau rub? I use it quite a bit.
  8. Norwester55

    My first go with my 360 air fryer.

    Thats the 1st thing I cooked on my rotisserie. It took an hour and 45 minutes at 350 in my Cosori oven but YMMV. I foiled up the baking pan and the funny thing was I didn't get a single drip until I probed it to check temp 5 minutes before it was done.
  9. Norwester55

    First Smoke for 2020

  10. Norwester55

    No more smoke

    My lease agreement (apt) says that only electric grills or the little propane grills that take a 1 lb cylinder are allowed. Looking around everybody has large propane grills, my Spirit 210 is the smallest. A couple places have 2 20 lb tanks sitting out in plain sight so I guess its not enforced...
  11. Norwester55

    No more smoke

    My lease agreement states, "absolutely no smokers" in fine print. I didn't notice it until I'd been living here for 5-6 months and doing a good amount of smoking. The people in the surrounding units all really like the smoked cheese I give them and the folks at the property management office...
  12. Norwester55

    Smokin-It #3 Temperature Setting Verses Inside Cabinet Temperature

    With the smoker empty the temp swings are going to be much more exaggerated. With the smoker (Smokin-It) loaded during a cook I was getting a swing of 20-25* which is fine for most things. IIRC when I did the break in smoke with the smoker empty and set to 250 it did go up over 300*. You can run...
  13. Norwester55

    Extremely Tough And Dry!

    Its a Smokin-It smoker which is real similar to the Cookshack/Smokin-Tex. I don't know if they're made by the same company or the two are knockoff Cookshacks. I saw a wiring diagram of the Tex and it was almost identical to the Smokin-Its with the exception of the power indicator light on the...
  14. Norwester55

    Extremely Tough And Dry!

    Thats it, not a long enough cook!
  15. Norwester55

    First time sous vide

    Looks good! Now I'm thinking about poaching a roast!
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