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  1. ngiovas

    MES 40" Electric (gen 2.5) or Smoke Hollow 40" Smoke Tronix?

    I bought the 40" Smoke Hollow. I have used it several times now for everything from cold smoking cheese to smoking several types of meats. For those that don't want to read the details: It's a nice smoker, but it isn't quite as good as I had hoped it would be. In all honesty, if I had to do...
  2. ngiovas

    Prime Brisket for Sunday

    That's ok, they still have the exact same price now.  I bought one Wednesday to smoke overnight tonight.  I love Costco meat.
  3. ngiovas

    MES30 is it feasible to smoke during the Northern Virginia Winter?

    I have used my MES 30 in Michigan during the coldest part of the winter with no problems.  I have even shoveled two feet of snow on my deck to make space to set the smoker.  As others have mentioned, it takes much longer to heat up, but the cabinet is insulated to maintain temps if you don't...
  4. ngiovas

    Smoke Hollow 40" Smoke-Tronix Electric Smoker - First Impressions

    The most obvious difference is the capacity.  I am very happy with the size.  This will allow me to do much more food at once.  Adjustability of the rack spacing is nice too.  Because there is room for eight racks, you can adjust the four that come with it to make some closer and others further...
  5. ngiovas

    Smoke Hollow 40" Smoke-Tronix Electric Smoker - First Impressions

    The strangest part is having such a clean smoker 
  6. ngiovas

    Smoke Hollow 40" Smoke-Tronix Electric Smoker - First Impressions

    I meant to post here, but didn't get a chance.  I have used the smoker twice now and hope to use it again this weekend. For the first smoke, I decided to try a cold smoke.  I have been wanting to cold smoke cheese for a long time, but didn't really have the equipment to do it.  With the Smoke...
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  12. ngiovas

    To clean or not to clean

    I just went and looked at mine closely since you mentioned it.  Nope,  No corrosion at all.  It is amazing, but they have held up very well.  I do dry them immediately and store them in the smoker to keep them dry and clean. The main reason I started cleaning them in the dishwasher is because I...
  13. ngiovas

    To clean or not to clean

    Same/similar to others.  My smoker is over 10 years old and I clean the removable parts (racks, water pan, drip tray) each use and have never touched anything else. As far as cleaning, I rinse everything with hot water, run a scrubber over it to knock off all of the "chunks" that may have stuck...
  14. ngiovas

    Smoke Hollow 40" Smoke-Tronix Electric Smoker - First Impressions

    Thanks.  It looks like it went up to $414, but I paid $404 last weekend.  I also had a $55 Amazon gift card. Plus, I had just ordered a Masterbuilt cold smoke attachment that I haven't opened and will return, so I figure that is another $42 towards the smoker since I would have spent that money...
  15. ngiovas

    Smoke Hollow 40" Smoke-Tronix Electric Smoker - First Impressions

    I ended up pulling the trigger on a Smoke Hollow 40" Smoke-Tronix Electric Smoker and wanted to provide my first impressions since I had never seen one in person and didn't find a lot of info online about them. A little background - I have been smoking foods as a hobby for a while.  Got my...
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