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    Bacon Weave Tutorial

    Great tutoriale. Makes mewant to try one.
  2. newburydave

    I don't know how to spell connundrum, but I'm officially in one

    ditto on JimmyJ's advice. 45 years and counting and I finally got it through my head that there are only two rules for living with Eve's daughters. 1. If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. 2. See rule #1 for all other situations.  Just remember why you love her and make it better...
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    Remake of Dirtsailor2003's Thai Jerky - by the Recipe

    Thai Jerky Recipe I used (as made) 4.8 Lb of Top Round London Broil - 3 Tbsp Kikoman Tamare - 9 Tbsp Golden Boy brand Thai Fish Sauce [Amazon] - 1/2 tsp #1 Cure (HiCountry Wild Game Cure) [Rural King] - 1/2 tsp Adolphs Meat Tenderizer - 8     tsp Brown Sugar - 1 1/2 tsp ground black...
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    Remake of Dirtsailor2003's Thai Jerky - by the Recipe

    Equipment: I purchased a few new toys for marinating and slicing based on some of the suggestions that you guys gave me. Cutting guides: I found these at the local Ace Hardware, 1/4" square and 3/8" x 5/16" rectangular brass tube. Ends wrapped with High temp electrical tape. Edges and...
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    Curing over a week?

    Better too long than too little time. If you mixed the brine / marinade according to the directions then the Nitrite concentration in the meat will reach equilibrium with the brine after x number of hours and stabilize there. Some friends of mine make Jerky for traveling. I asked them for their...
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    Remake of Dirtsailor2003's Thai Jerky - by the Recipe

    Actually, I've er "sampled" both (when I got them, just to see how they taste [for scientific comparative purposes only of course]) and I can understand the little guys actions. It's good.
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    Remake of Dirtsailor2003's Thai Jerky - by the Recipe

    Yeah, Stayhot I expect you're right. At least there's an electric outlet out on the front patio. Right now the bride has me focused on doing my Sched C so she can fill in the other forms for our friends at the IRS .  Yeah, I REALLY LOVE filling in Gov't forms. Oh, well. If mamma ain't happy....
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