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  1. mx45

    Can I Re-Cook Jerky?

    I know this is an old thread but I've got the same situation London broil soaked in a brine for 3 days using cure #1 and smoked for 8 hours. Removed from smoker at midnight and forgot to put in fridge before going to bed so it sat on counter covered with foil Upon closer inspection this...
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  3. mx45

    MES 40 chip tray upgrade

    I didn't really think of that way but def. makes sense. After everything I keep reading about the Amaz-n it seems to be the perfect solution. Suppose to show up tomorrow so I know what I'm doing this weekend.
  4. mx45

    Newbie from Orlando, FL

    Thanks everybody. I've been lurking for a while and taken away several good recipes and techniques so far. Hoping somewhere along they way I can contribute something myself. 
  5. mx45

    MES 40 chip tray upgrade

    Bear,  Didn't mean to imply it wasn't working.  It seem to be working so far (only used it twice so far)  I was just thinking that a larger tray would mean less refills.
  6. mx45

    MES 40 chip tray upgrade

    Just picked up a MES40 (20070211) from Sam's to replace my 'borrowed' sidebox unit. Called Masterbuilt to see about the upgraded chip tray and the CSR said that it was not available for my unit. Anyone else know if that's the case or not?  I also ordered up the amaz-n-smoker after reading all...
  7. mx45

    Newbie from Orlando, FL

    Wanted to give the obligatory hellos and introduction. Just picked up a MES40 last week to replace my side burner that I've been "borrowing" from my Father for the last 3 years. Got tired of constantly tending to the fire as it seems to be a weakness of mine to keep any type of fire actually...
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