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    What smoker is this?

    Lol, i will tell him. Thank you fellas!!
  2. midwestcop

    What smoker is this?

    Oh and his neighbor doesnt know either, he built a deck for a guy who owed him money and gave him this grill/smoker to satisfy the debt.
  3. midwestcop

    What smoker is this?

    A friend of mine picked this up for 100 bucks from his neighbor. It doesn't have a tag we can read, just a serial #. Just curious if anyone knows what brand/model this thing is. Looking at it I would venture to say 100 was probably worth it.
  4. What smoker is this?

    What smoker is this?

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  6. midwestcop

    New smoker has unexpectedly arrived

    Well ive done 5 smokes in this, and one 6 hour dry run at 350. As an hvac tech, im not on board with removal of foam insulation. I see zero evidence of an degradation in the insulation. Not sayin that years down the road it wont need replaced, but i doubt it.
  7. midwestcop

    Commercial Fridge Build Questions.

    I didnt remove the foam in mine and have used it multiple times with no issues. In fact, it works great. I honestly dont forsee any issues with the foam. My last smoker was an old pull handle fridge, I didnt change the insulation in that either and used it for over 2 years with zero issues.
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    New smoker has unexpectedly arrived

    Oh and ya i loved my pull handle fridge, i had no plans to get rid of it until i was given this freezer. I gave it to one of my best friends who lost his smoker in a tstorm w some wicked microburst winds, his gas grill got wrecked like a car into his house, and nothing but the base of his...
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  10. midwestcop

    New smoker has unexpectedly arrived

    No its not a 220, but it does take a 10mfd run capacitor. the rotisserie install im putting on hold for a bit. I want to reinforce the area around where i mount the motor, as well as have it in a weatherproof housing, and i cant make up my mind how i want to do either yet.
  11. midwestcop

    New smoker has unexpectedly arrived

    Just scored a 3 rpm gear motor for free!!! It was at an industrial plant i just happend to be at today and i spotted it in the scrap pile. Guy said he thinks its for an old conveyor belt system that has been replaced. This was a backup/replacement that never got used. So, obviously you know what...
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  14. midwestcop

    New smoker has unexpectedly arrived

    Installed the stack on top today, also built a cold smoke generator. Did the black iron pipe parts setup with an inner air tube run off an aquarium pump i mounted underneath. For the chip chamber and burn area i used a section of fence post with post caps on top and bottom. I need to get some...
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