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    remote thermometer

    thought you might be interested http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/cta...emnumber=93317 Wireless remote pager alerts you when thermometer reaches set temperature. Pager is equipped with belt clip, stand, and magnetic back for handsfree use. * Instant readout * Automatic pager alerts you...
  2. mdram

    building a repertoire

    i see you mentioned old. its used alot as a crab/shrimp seasoning here in md. but a great replacment with a better flavor is JO spice. a bit harder to find but well worth it. http://www.jospices.com/
  3. mdram

    I guess catfish not much to say

    never tried catfish, but i remember i smoked some eels for a guy. that was strange
  4. mdram

    The Stainless Steel Law?

    id suggest checking with the local health department, they usually regulate such things, and should be able to answer your question. im sure you would have to have them do an inspection prior to starting up anyway.
  5. mdram

    A smoking good meal

    mmmm, that does look good. the slaw looks like a variation on german slaw i think an ebook would be great. whos got the comupter knowledge! and what format would be prefered?
  6. mdram


    id like to see them too
  7. mdram

    any car guys out there?

    i prefer this one supposed to have a 392cid hemi with over 500hp as an option
  8. mdram

    New member

    could you get us some pics of the smoke house? i love those old things!
  9. mdram

    Explanation of what we need for the Home Gardening category

    lol, ok, i guess if you really need time, but i thought you guys just did the websie and smoked all the time :lol:
  10. mdram

    Explanation of what we need for the Home Gardening category

    i meant as part of the garden. soem suggested catagories where Tips'N Tricks Growin' Herbs Growin' Veggies A section dedicated to peppers just figured fruit trees and bushes would work too
  11. mdram

    Explanation of what we need for the Home Gardening category

    so, when is this area going to start up? its time to start planning for next year oh and would fruit trees/bushes be a good catagory
  12. mdram

    Using wood instead of charcol

    and across the ditch, lol
  13. mdram


    thanks guys, i never tried it, but was always interested in it
  14. mdram

    Using wood instead of charcol

    once you go wood, you wont go back, lol just watch yer fire, i kept a bucket of wet sand to help if it got too high
  15. mdram


    for salt i think a brine worked better, i'll read up on the sugar
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