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    14" Mini smoker!

    I think i will be using the mini much more, worked great. Full penetration of the smoke ring, nice and tender. Prepackaged corn beef was a little salty, but not bad. Still had lots of fuel left in the smoker when the brisket was down so i opened up the vents threw on some Bratwurst  to go with...
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  3. ledhead84

    14" Mini smoker!

    Well almost a year later i finally got to trying this thing out. Had small mapleleaf prepackaged cornbeef brisket i wanted to smoke for lunch. I was going to fire up my patio size RF but decided to give this one a try instead. So far so good! it has been going for the past three hours on a and...
  4. ledhead84

    Prime Rib Dilemma

    Thanks everyone, lots of options to go with.   Thanks for the Recipe i'll give it a go   Lately there has been some awesome prices on meat, normally they are stupid high. Prime rib is usually $10+. I saw Pork tenderloins for $2/lb and a few weeks ago everywhere had butts for $0.88/lb. Going to...
  5. ledhead84

    Prime Rib Dilemma

    Planning to do a prime rib this Sunday.  My problem is a few of our guests won’t eat any meat that’s not at least medium well. What’s the best thing to do? Keep in mind I can get it this week for $3.99/lb. Take it to 135ish let rest then grill up the pieces for the people afraid of a little pink...
  6. ledhead84

    What Are You Seeing For Turkey Prices?

    I need to move south of the boarder, cheapest i ever see is $0.99/lb for utility grade
  7. ledhead84

    Fire Basket Idea - Feedback needed

    How much are you offering? haha Actually my divider panels went into the scrap bin, i have just been using it as a regular charcoal basket and have been happy with how its preforming. If you can weld and cut making one is pretty easy, if not a fab shop should be able to make you one just at...
  8. ledhead84

    Deli Slicer, Good Deal?

    same slicer is back up for sale for $350....someone is looking to make some quick cash
  9. ledhead84

    Deli Slicer, Good Deal?

    Missed out, the seller replied it was sold...chitty deal...just have to wait for the next commercialish slicer for under $100 and my $40 Weber Performer that i plan on finding
  10. ledhead84

    Deli Slicer, Good Deal?

    e-mailed the seller....hopefully i hear something back
  11. ledhead84

    Deli Slicer, Good Deal?

    ^ thanks for the quick reply, I'll have to check it out see if its still available. Not something i really need but been keeping my eye out for a good deal
  12. ledhead84

    Deli Slicer, Good Deal?

    i was checking out the local CL and found this. No model number or any other info then "stainless steel meat slicer works great $60"....the cheapest industrial looking unit i have seen has been in the $500 range. Anyone know anything about Omega slicers, haven't been able to find any info on...
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  15. ledhead84

    Patio size center firebox build

    Not bad for a few days, mine took me several months and it doesn't have half the fab work. Looks like it will be a nice efficient smoker.
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