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  1. h8that4u

    BellFab Smoker

    looks like a solid purchase for sure.
  2. h8that4u

    Prime Rib Chili Stuffed Baked Taters (W / Pics)

    want to share the chili recipe? Meal looks great, and the upcoming should be as well.
  3. h8that4u

    Smoking Three Butts At Once

    time will vary on every pork butt you ever cook, but the time should only vary a little if you cook 1 or 15. If the pit temp is maintained with no wild swings due to how much cold meat you add then the same time it takes you to cook 1 will be the same as 3, but cook them to temp and each one...
  4. h8that4u

    Pit Boss - Pellet Grill

    Still worth it, I made sure I bought the wife nice couches, just incase this happened to me, Which it has but sleep well anyway, other than thinking what I needed to cook on the NEW smoker.
  5. h8that4u

    Can I reheat a tri tip just by reverse searing?

    if that is how it has got to go, then I would smoke to about 105 to 110 IT, pull off smoker and wrap tight in foil, and place in cooler covered in towels. Then once ready slap on a searing hot grill to get the color and marks on it. Have an Instant Read Thermo ready for when searing as it may...
  6. h8that4u

    Knocking The Dust Off

    Those look really good. Nice dinner.
  7. h8that4u

    Baked potatoe issue

    I always microwave my taters for 5 mins before they go on the grill or smoker. Wash, stick with fork a few times, microwave, then oil, salt/pepper wrap with foil and on to grill or smoker.
  8. h8that4u

    first turkey recommendations

    go with your first thought. That is what I normally do.
  9. h8that4u

    Need cad files for machine shop

    I will see if he is available, and get back with you.
  10. h8that4u

    Need cad files for machine shop

    I will talk with a buddy and see if it is something he can do, the design and production, or just the design. I am north of you an hour, he is in Cheyenne. Once I get a hold of him I will let you know or get you his contact info.
  11. h8that4u

    Mexican Bone In Rib Roast???

    PS, Jcam's answer makes more since then what I said.
  12. h8that4u

    Mexican Bone In Rib Roast???

    From my short reading, all meat being sold in the US, must still be inspected by the USDA. So it should be safe, biggest question would be quality as they dont mark as Choice, or Prime. Not saying its bad, just not marked. It could be on or the other or even a step up.
  13. h8that4u

    Mexican Bone In Rib Roast???

    Not 100%, but my guess would be that it is a bone in ribeye that is seasoned with "Mexican" flavoring spices.
  14. h8that4u

    Why can't I find a tri-tip?

    In talking with the meat manager at a Winco in Utah, they have the single wrapped Tri-Tips out on display, but if you ask them they sell a package deal (normally 3 per package) that they sell for less per lb than the single packaged ones. Winco in Utah has has the best deals that I have found...
  15. h8that4u

    Got to hot, need advice

    Could you cut the "melted" part off, save for personal use, and slice the formed piece that is left for gifts? Not the best answer but just a thought.
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