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  1. gremlin

    I'm back

    Thanks everyone for the welcome. Feelin great. Getting the eye surgery was a piece of cake really. The recovery was fine ..I just took a little extra care by not straining the eyes on the computer or any other bright lights for awhile. I highly reccomend it to anyone who is considering it. The...
  2. gremlin

    I'm back

    feel like I should re introduce myself, I've been gone so long.......I had my eyes lasered and was off the computer for awhile.....just makin sure the eyes would heal before staring at the screen for hours.....then the computer had to go in the shop (twice) what a pain. but I'M BACK now. Hope...
  3. gremlin

    looking for tips about sausage making

    I'm with richtee on this one Great book with lots of info and recipes. and hi every body I've been away for awhile........ just got back from Australia and had my eyes lasered so I won't be on for long periods til my eyes heal.
  4. gremlin


    Richtee.....Well......I did take some pepperoni up to the camp and it does taste fine after being frozen and thawed, but the colour of the casing does leave a lot to be desired.......It looks too much like a water soaked, drowned worm........all grey and no character. So I think until I can save...
  5. gremlin


    Thanks Debbi....That's what I did Richtee and yourself are both on the same page there. The only complaint has been that it's too fine a grind....like a cocktail weeny...so we will do a courser grind next batch Thanks
  6. gremlin


    Thanks Debbi That's exactly what I did. The only complaint so far was that the grind was too fine..almost like a cocktail weeny.....My people like a courser grind so next time that's what I'm gonna do Thhanks
  7. gremlin


    Richtee thanks that was fast... Yeh.. it's water ....Ididn't put any fat into the recipe.,It's really ....really lean. As for the freezing...I was wondering about that.. I will vacuum pack it and freeze some to take to the hunt camp in November. Thanks I'll let you know if there is a change...
  8. gremlin


    Imade my first batch of pepperoni yesterday. 25 lbs of Venison pepperoni using a store bought kit pre mixed spices and cure,etc. I added some home grown hot peppers to the mix but followed the instructions to the letter. I had to use liquid smoke because I cooked em in the oven in the house for...
  9. gremlin

    German Brat recipe help please

    Askand you shall receive! Thuringer To make 10 lbs 6 Tbs salt 2tsp instacure #1 4Tbs powered dextrose 1Tbs ground black pepper 1tsp ground ginger 1Tbs whole or cracked pepper 1 & 1/2 cups fermento (Soy protein???) 4 lbs lean pork trimmings or skinned fatted shoulders 2 lbs pork butts 2lbs fresh...
  10. gremlin

    made up some sausage today

    Hey TBone.just checkd out the pics............lookin good dude If you have to use the grinder maybe you should consider using a spacer instead of the plate.....not so much wear and a lot faster comin through the tube. If you want one and can't find one let me know...
  11. gremlin

    need help with ingredients

    I just bought some of that corn syrup solids stuff and dextrose for some new recipes I'm gonna try...
  12. gremlin

    First Mods done on the New Smoker

    Debbie ......YOU ROCK I wouldn't even contemplate doin anything like that..I couldn't cut a straight line with a power saw if you nailed down a 2x4 as a guide and glued the saw to it. Well done.
  13. gremlin

    The lost apple sausage recipe

    Well I am sorry to say that I have been unable to secure that apple concoction recipe from my buddy. That leaves me no alternative but to keep trying to put together a recipe that will be close in flavour to the unknown original. Having said that.....I made up a 12 lb batch of venison and a 12...
  14. gremlin

    Grandson in the Hospital

    Sorry to hear that Dutch..It always is harder when children are involved. Keep thinking positive thoughts and God bless you all.
  15. gremlin

    Venison Haunch

    Thanks...Your post threw my already foggy brain into a tail spin.. The time of your post precedes my posting of the pics......so I thought you were Psychic. LOL
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