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  1. graystratcat

    Brisket, Cowboy Pintos and Special ABTs...

    Hey y'all, Haven't posted in quite a while, just been too busy with work... but had a chance to throw a flat on the smoker this w/e... so I thought I'd post up some pix.  Also did a little experimenting with my ABT recipe...put a little more kick in them rascals....see below So here we go...
  2. B 6.jpg

    B 6.jpg

  3. B 5.jpg

    B 5.jpg

  4. DSCF0319.JPG


  5. B 5.jpg

    B 5.jpg

  6. B 4.jpg

    B 4.jpg

  7. B 2.jpg

    B 2.jpg

  8. B 1.jpg

    B 1.jpg

  9. graystratcat

    First time at sammies and I would like some advice..........

    Just my humble $0.02, but a mix of 1/3 oak and 2/3 cherry also makes a nice smoke combo for beef.  It's a bit different and not nearly as strong at 100% hickory or even 100% pecan.  Again, just my $0.02, but I like oak with beef.  And, like the guys say above, you want that thin almost invisible...
  10. graystratcat

    Quick Question re Chicken Cordon Bleu Rolls

    Thanks guys, they did come out pretty darn good.  I do appreciate the comps.  I'll be doing this again for sure with a few tweaks. -Salt
  11. graystratcat

    Applewood score!

    Hey dead ringer, great score on the woods for sure.  As for you idea of tossing that green apple wood up in your attic.... all is I can say is BAD IDEA!  Wood like that has all kind of life forms growing on/in it.  The last thing you want is an invasion of wood loving critters in your house...
  12. graystratcat

    Quick Question re Chicken Cordon Bleu Rolls

    Well, here's the results.  Made 2 traditional Cordon Bleus (plus added some fresh greens from the garden) and one Pizza (pepperoni, provolone, tomato sauce and fresh greens from the garden).  Didn't feel like firing up the smoker for 3 of these so I did them in-direct heat style on the Weber...
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