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    New from Shelby Twp

    Hello, this is Debbie, Frank's wife. I know he thought highly of so many of you, so I wanted to pass on the news. Frank passed away on Monday 03/19/2018 at 10 pm. He so loved coming here and chatting with you all. Debbie
  2. fpmich

    The CharGriller Owners Group Official "Introduce Yourself" Thread

    Welcome to the group Joe! Sealing can help some with temps, but if it's working for you just fine, then don't worry about it. Cliff, the leader of this forum, hasn't done any mods at all to his C-G, and has been smoking some good food on his.
  3. fpmich

    Post a pic or two

    Looks very good Cliff! I haven't had very good luck with beef ribs, whether in smoker or in oven. Fortunatly I do have good results with beef roast and chuckies, so I'll keep doing those.
  4. fpmich

    New from Shelby Twp

    Welcome to the Group Larry!
  5. fpmich

    Bone-In Rib Roast for Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you too Dave! Looks good! My first thought when I saw the plated one, was ... Oh No! WAY over done! But then, I saw that you seared your slice on the flat top, so that explains the color. I've had Blackened Prime Rib, and it is very good, but I prefer mine very rare and...
  6. fpmich

    Christmas Smoked New York Roast

    Fine Dining indeed! I will be making a Beef Rib Roast later today, but in the oven. Too cold for me outside. It's been 3 years since I've been able to buy and cooked a prime rib. That time I did it on the smoker. It was awesome! I did the reversed sear thing then, and will be doing it again...
  7. fpmich

    I love the bags from Vacum Sealers Unlimited!!! Pics included!!

    I'm assuming you mean curved side down. Right or wrong? I'll have to pay attention to that the next few times as well. I still think it may be the slight weight/thickness increase in the new bags that causes this. Not a big deal. Small price for a more puncture proof bag.
  8. fpmich

    I love the bags from Vacum Sealers Unlimited!!! Pics included!!

    I ran out of my older bags I bought from Lisa. a couple or three months ago. So of course I started to use the new ULTRA BAGS I had ordered awhile ago. I use the Vac Master Pro 350. Is it just me, or have you other folks found that some bags seal fine and some don't? I was having trouble...
  9. fpmich

    Results of removing some mods, for stick burning.

    Further update on that last cook. The next day I went to portion and vac seal the ribs, and discovered that to edges were extremely dry. Here I was operating on the assumption that it was my air flow, which it wasn't. It was the fuel source. I had so much air running through the smoker that...
  10. fpmich

    Results of removing some mods, for stick burning.

    Today. OK. Yesterday now. I did the same thing I did with the chucky's two days ago. Temps outside, wind speed, and humidity was almost exactly the same as 2 days ago. Dumped in a full chimney of lit lump, and went into house to prepare the ribs. Smoker hit 300* while I was prepping. Good...
  11. fpmich

    Results of removing some mods, for stick burning.

    Well, it has been exactly one month since I smoked last. Too many things got in the way of smoking. Getting the house painted, toilet replacement, and flange replacement. Tomato canning time, and etc. You know the drill. LOL Anyway... I finally got to try stick burning again yesterday...
  12. fpmich

    test 2

    test 2 test 2
  13. fpmich

    Burnt ends only with que view!

    I called the butcher shop today, to see if I could get just points from them.  Yes, I can.  The price I was quoted was $5.79/lb.  I have no idea if this is high or not, but it seems a little high to me. What is the average price for points only, where you other guys are buying?
  14. fpmich

    Burnt ends only with que view!

    OK.  Thanks. I'll see if I can get a couple to give them a shot.  This past week as been perfect smoking weather.  Unfortunately, I'm up to my eyeballs in tomato canning.
  15. fpmich

    Burnt ends only with que view!

    Thanks hillbilly.  I would think they shouldn't take as long as a full packer would though.  Right or wrong?
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