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  1. fishinjoe

    Stuffer advice

    I am upgrading from my 5lb plastic gear suffer due to one of the gears cracking during my last batch. I have came across this and was wondering if anyone had any experience with it . Also horizontal or vertical?
  2. fishinjoe

    rotisserie master add on kit

    I have a rotisserie on my Webber Summit and use it quite often. Throw a Amazen tube in there for a little taste of heaven.
  3. fishinjoe

    Smoked turkey legs

    I have never done turkey legs but was planning on trying some this week. Can anyone recommend a brine and should I soak them overnight? Also just a round about time frame I always go by temp would just like a idea. Thanks
  4. fishinjoe

    Todd is Amazing

    I agree I had a question about my amazen smoker a couple years after I purchased it so I sent Todd a email. He was quick to respond and sent my a tube smoker loaded with pellets free of charge. I didn't ask or expect anything like he just stated he was going to to see if that fixes my situation...
  5. fishinjoe


    Hunting, there is just something about homemade venison jerky and sausage.
  6. Propane smoker vent help

    Propane smoker vent help

  7. 20150628_103422.jpg


  8. 20150628_103409.jpg


  9. 20150628_100843.jpg


  10. 20150628_100817.jpg


  11. 20150628_100759.jpg


  12. fishinjoe

    Propane smoker vent help

    I finally got my new build almost done and now I cannot get the burner to stay lit. What kind of vents do I need and can anyone help me with placement? Attached are some pictures. Thanks Joe
  13. fishinjoe

    How to plug burner

    Thank for the reply that was exactly the information I was looking for. Joe
  14. fishinjoe

    How to plug burner

    I read on here before what to use to plug up half the holes on a burner to lower the temp in my smoker but I cannot for the life of me find the thread now. I am trying to block off half of the holes on a cast burner to maintain lower temps. Does anyone know where I can find this information...
  15. fishinjoe

    Win a PRIZE A DAY from A-MAZE-N Smoker for Father's Day!

    might do some jerkey too
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