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    new build

    Ok, so here is part of it. Started off with a 100gal gas hot water tank. My buddy hopped in to show a little scale. Pretty thick stuff, and it's been a bit of a bear to cut. I'll post some more when I get them together.
  3. new build

    new build

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    I'm back!

    Hello, all! Well, my last year+ has been a royal cluster, with a divorce and all of the joy that brings. But now I've kinda got my ship righted and pointed in the right direction again, and now that I have a bit of time on my hands I want to get back to some serious cooking! I've got another...
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    Time to build a new cooker!

    ok, so I went and bought enough expanded metal to do (i think) all of my cooking surfaces, with 3 or maybe even 4 racks in the smoker, and came up to about what I've been able to price out for one replacement round grill at the local hardware stores. if i do this right, I might even have enough...
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    UDS Burnout Material

    hey, you should have plenty of fruit orchards around you. why not try to score some fruit tree prunings to use?
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    Time to build a new cooker!

    Ok, got to looking at the pix and realized I'd posted them a little out of chronological order. So I figured a little description would be in order.  The wheel barrow section is going to be a charcoal grill with a propane torch to help with ignition.  The barrel will be (kinda) a UDS that I am...
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    Time to build a new cooker!

    Well, it took a bit longer than I wanted to get to this point, but not to bad after(sorta) healing up from shoulder surgery.  Total out lay on the project so far is about $40, and most of that has been on the stainless steel hardware common to the cooking areas.
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