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    Looks like nobody has anything to say about mopane, so I'll add what I found about the wood other than what you've already stated. Mopane is in the legume family, same as acacia and mesquite. Since those woods are OK for smoking meat, mopane is probably also OK. That said, why are you asking...
  2. dave schiller

    Acacia Wood

    I've not used mimosa but relay what others have said.
  3. dave schiller

    Acacia Wood

    SL, that photo is of a Mimosa tree (Albizia jilibrissin) and not Acacia. Same family (legume) and good for smoking meat. https://plants.ces.ncsu.edu/plants/albizia-julibrissin/
  4. dave schiller

    Featured Local fruit wood

    The Jackfruit tree is in the same plant family as fig and mulberry. These two woods are suitable for smoking meat, so I would think Jackfruit would also be ok. Give some a try; nothing to lose.
  5. dave schiller

    Help identify wood

    Can you post a couple of photos of the twigs that are piled in the background?
  6. dave schiller

    Giving Up Wood Burning

    Folks, I appreciate your comments and advice. But my post was not a request for advice; it was a statement of what I am going to do. And not do. I've made all the usual mods to the smoker (baffle plate and lowered stack intake). I'm not going to do any more mods like fabricating an upper air...
  7. dave schiller

    Giving Up Wood Burning

    After many unsuccessful attempts to smoke with just wood, I'm giving it up. As many times as I've tried, I simply cannot maintain the temperature I want AND get thin blue smoke at the same time. I'm using a New Braunfels offset that I rebuilt/restored. There are no leaks to speak of, so I...
  8. dave schiller

    Charcoal Run

    I was just kidding. If I could find prices like these, I'd load up too.:emoji_grin:
  9. dave schiller

    Charcoal Run

    First it was toilet paper, now it's charcoal. Hoarding needs to stop.
  10. dave schiller

    Stocking up on Oak

    Nice looking wood. Pretty sure that's California Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia). It appears almost exactly like the live oaks that grow in the southeast US. I used to cut those for firewood but at that size, you need a big, powerful splitter. The grain gets twisted in the larger sections of...
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    Christmas 2019 Whole Hog Smoke on Cinder Block Pit - QView

    Growing up in eastern NC, I didn't know there was any other way to cook a pig. Looks like you nailed it perfectly! 101 pounds dressed? That's a big pig. Nice going.
  12. dave schiller

    Need some help in calculations

    I've been tasked to provide pulled pork bbq sandwiches for an event my wife is organizing in a month or so. She says to plan on serving 100 sandwiches. I'm currently researching the cost per meal (will serve individual bags of chips, offer slaw with the sandwiches). The cost per meal for...
  13. dave schiller

    Shipping Meat Question

    I don't know what mail priority they send their meat with, but Snake River Farms ships frozen beef from Idaho to everywhere. They use dry ice and foam insulation and it seems to work. Check out their website for ideas.
  14. dave schiller

    Difficulty in lighting charcoal

    Only about 1/4-1/3 of the bag the lump came out of had been used, so I wasn't anywhere near the bottom of the bag. The used portion had been burned in my offset smoker. I don't remember any problems then, probably because I was feeding an already existing fire and the FB door was closed.
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