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  1. dave schiller

    Christmas 2019 Whole Hog Smoke on Cinder Block Pit - QView

    Growing up in eastern NC, I didn't know there was any other way to cook a pig. Looks like you nailed it perfectly! 101 pounds dressed? That's a big pig. Nice going.
  2. dave schiller

    Need some help in calculations

    I've been tasked to provide pulled pork bbq sandwiches for an event my wife is organizing in a month or so. She says to plan on serving 100 sandwiches. I'm currently researching the cost per meal (will serve individual bags of chips, offer slaw with the sandwiches). The cost per meal for...
  3. dave schiller

    Shipping Meat Question

    I don't know what mail priority they send their meat with, but Snake River Farms ships frozen beef from Idaho to everywhere. They use dry ice and foam insulation and it seems to work. Check out their website for ideas.
  4. dave schiller

    Difficulty in lighting charcoal

    Only about 1/4-1/3 of the bag the lump came out of had been used, so I wasn't anywhere near the bottom of the bag. The used portion had been burned in my offset smoker. I don't remember any problems then, probably because I was feeding an already existing fire and the FB door was closed.
  5. dave schiller

    Difficulty in lighting charcoal

    Oh well, I guess I'll never know. Thanks for the comments.
  6. dave schiller

    Difficulty in lighting charcoal

    Perhaps so, but my basement is so dry that I've considered putting a humidifier down there. I've measured the humidity at about 50% in the summer, lower during winter. 50% is considered to be the recommended level for home living space. Is that too high for charcoal storage?
  7. dave schiller

    Difficulty in lighting charcoal

    Fully open.
  8. dave schiller

    Difficulty in lighting charcoal

    Last night, I decided to grill a couple of steaks on my small Weber kettle. I filled my chimney about 3/4 full with Royal Oak lump and proceeded to light it. I first used a single paraffin cube but nothing lit. Then I tried again with 2 cubes, still without success. So I then tried with...
  9. dave schiller

    Reverse flow plate thickness

    3/8" will certainly be a hefty thermal mass, but it might take a long time to come up to temp. On the other hand, it'll take a long time to cool. But how much heat will the plate provide with respect to the heat from the fire? I think it's a bit of overkill.
  10. dave schiller

    Reverse flow plate thickness

    I've never built a smoker, but 3/8" thick reverse plates seem excessively thick. Seems to me all you need is something like 12 ga., about 1/8" thick. If you plan to move the smoker around, think of the weight it would be.
  11. dave schiller

    Ref; A Southern Comfort Food Course!!

    A Southern food class in Wisconsin? I don't think so.
  12. dave schiller


    Some of you crack me up about impurities in wood. Some won't use it if it has bark or is partly rotted or has lichen or moss or ants. For them, they need to buy kiln dried commercial pure wood, like oak flooring without any finish. And did it ever occur to you that the honey we love is...
  13. dave schiller

    Anybody smoked with Sea Grape wood?

    As a retired botanist, I was curious to know what sea grape is. Turns out that it's a member of the buckwheat family (think pancakes), not a grape. Chalk it up to the use of common names of plants. Can be confusing at times.
  14. dave schiller

    How long can you keep a brisket hot

    Wrap the brisket in foil, put it on a tray or plate to catch any juice leaks. Then put it in a cooler wrapped with old terry cloth towels for additional insulation. Should stay hot/warm for several hours.
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