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  1. Danno44

    Sous vide cooker recommendations

    i also have the Inkbird and have zero complaints. WiFi works well, unit is extremely quiet, don’t even know it’s on except for water movement and the green light.
  2. Danno44

    Looking for a smoker

    Congrats, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. It’s a good unit.
  3. Danno44

    Looking for a smoker

    I have the Bronco and it is a solid unit and holds temps easy. So much so I sold my Highland. Not that there’s anything wrong with the Highland, but found I can get similar results with the Bronco without babysitting the pit. Both are decent units for being mass produced. I added a second...
  4. Danno44

    Smoke Time and Temp?

    1. Depends type of item being smoked. IE a 16 lb packer brisket can handle longer smoke. Also type of wood being used. Fruit wood is milder, mesquite is stronger. Only way is to experiment and see what your tastes are. I personally like Apple/cherry for pork and oak for beef. 2. Clean...
  5. Danno44

    New grill first cook

    Nicely done on both acquiring the grill and. The method of which you used to get it, and on the first use results.
  6. Danno44

    Inkbird IBT-6XS Bluetooth Wireless Grill Thermometer

    The Inkbird IBBQ-4T therm (4 probes) is WiFi. I don’t have experience with it, but several folks here have. I have the 6X and 6XS and the Bluetooth fits my needs.
  7. Danno44

    New member, long time lurker from Michigan

    Welcome fellow Michigander from the GR area.
  8. Danno44

    GIVEAWAY for Inkbrid 150 feet Bluetooth bbq thermometer with 6 probes and Grill Mats

    Another great giveaway. In please! Thanks
  9. Danno44

    Instant pot cheese cake ( Baby Shanks)

    I can attest that the IP makes great cheesecake. I make that same one (#17) frequently and folks are always amazed it was made in an IP.
  10. Danno44

    50% Coupon for Inkbird 4probe Bluetooth bbq Thermometer-$24.99

    Any chance on the sous vide unit code? Thanks!
  11. Danno44

    Long time smoker and forum lurker

    Welcome from Michigan.
  12. Danno44

    Christmas Gift Rollcall

    Yeah, it was my one “big gift”. And only being a backyard cook, way more than I need. Wife kept bugging me for a big gift idea, never expecting she’d buy it...:emoji_laughing:
  13. Danno44

    Christmas Gift Rollcall

    I searched and didn’t find a general “what did you get for Christmas” thread (if there is a mod can delete or move). I thought of starting this catch all thread where folks can share what they received as a Christmas and/or holiday gift pertaining to grilling/smoking/BBQ/cooking etc. I’ll start...
  14. Danno44

    Christmas gift for you -- Inkbird Giveaway of WiFi ITC-308 Temperature Controller

    I’m in please, another great giveaway!
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