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Sold everything I owned and retired to Thailand in 2020. Got married, built a house and living in a VERY rural, very peaceful, village just in Surin Provence. (Not everyone comes to Thailand for the nightlife. Just saying...) Now I'm the farang (foreigner) that lives in the big house in the middle of the rice fields.

Eventually I will set up a nice Pergola, outdoor kitchen/pizza oven with barbecue smoker after that so that my new family can enjoy Western style BBQ, and other foods, on a regular basis. I'll be coming here to seek advice at that time...

There are a LOT of common items in the U.S. that are difficult to find here in Thailand. Reasons vary from I'm in a rural province (literally no grocery stores in the village), difference in terminology, translations, it being a not common use item here, to import duties and regulations jacking the price out of reach. Some items are simply not available at all. Please have patience with me as I try to find substitutions/alternatives.

I'm originally from Texas, U.S.A., so I am more accustomed to Texas style barbecue. (i.e. beef, but beef is hard to find here) That said, I never really did much in the way of smoking it myself. So, learning here and will be focused on pork, like the rest of the world... :emoji_innocent:
Ban Ko Kaeo, Thailand
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