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    Good for you! You should learn alot and fit in quite easily here on the Forum. Enjoy the experience. John
  2. BandCollector

    Another Pay it Forward Giveaway - Victorinox

    Wow! Another great giveaway. . . Havent tackled a Brisket yet so I have no pictures. But, please count me in. Thanks Johnny Ray, John
  3. BandCollector

    Going to be an interesting year for new grills I think

    @WisconsinCampChef Got it! Thanks for clearing that up for me. John
  4. BandCollector

    Going to be an interesting year for new grills I think

    @WisconsinCampChef Thanks for your response, But I'm a bit confused. . . If the PID WiFi worked great why did you remove it from what I am assuming was your Camp Chef and installed it on your step father's grill? Just wondering, John @BandCollector
  5. BandCollector

    Free To Good Home Raffle: Brand New Slow Cooker

    Wow! @tx smoker What a generous offer. Please count me in. Thanks, John @BandCollector
  6. BandCollector

    GIVEAWAY for Inkbrid 500 feet wireless bbq thermometer with dual probes and Grill Mats

    Once again Inkbird is trying to make my life a bit easier by giving me an opportunity of winning one of their great products! Thanks for your generous giveaway! Please count me in, John @BandCollector
  7. BandCollector

    Pellets to sawdust?

    Dave's method works well! I simply purchased a cheap coffee bean grinder from Target and grind my pellets into dust. One less step when you don't want to wait for the water to evaporate. I hope this helps, John @BandCollector
  8. BandCollector

    Jerky question - MES40 or LEM Big bite dehydrator, or both?

    I'm with @BigW. and @crazymoon . Smoke for an hour or two and then finish in the dehydrator. John
  9. BandCollector

    Dry aging a prime rib... My new method....

    She doesn't look happy. . .Brought a tear to my eye. I hope all is well! I'm with you my friend, John
  10. BandCollector

    Going to be an interesting year for new grills I think

    Camp Chef has introduced a PID for their Woodwind grill/smokers. Supposedly retrofitted for the older models as well. Keeping an eye on how they work before I invest $250. John
  11. BandCollector

    Dry aging a prime rib... My new method....

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your step daughter! I hope all works out. . . Fingers and toes crossed. Take care my friend, John
  12. BandCollector

    Food Saver Giveaway

    Congratulations @pit of despair Thanks @Braz and Catherine John
  13. BandCollector

    Ok, how to not have the ikbird 'reset' the graph when the BT drops

    If it were mine I would call Inkbird Customer Service. . .They should be able to help you. There is a member here from Inkbird. Perhaps he will see your request and know what to do. Or you can Private Message him. @Inkbirdbbq I hope this helps, John
  14. BandCollector

    Delayed Posting of New Year’s Day Pork & Kraut

    Simple, Elegant, and Delicious! Looks Great Mrs. Bear! Happy New Year, John
  15. BandCollector

    Submarine Smoker

    Now that guy is talented! Would hate to think what it would cost for him to make me one. I wonder how he moves it around! Beautiful work! John
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