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  1. ballagh

    Spray foam insulation removal question **Update**

    Well I found a double door commercial cooler today.  Cant beat free.  It came out of a pizzahut and was built in 1990.  Pretty good shape.  Here is my dliema.  I am sure it has spray foam insulation.  What about leaving it, and building a 2" frame all the way around the inside, insulation it...
  2. ballagh

    Deisgn Stages of a Monster Pellet RF Smoker. Need Input

    Looking at starting with a 6'x12' sheet and rolling it.
  3. ballagh

    Deisgn Stages of a Monster Pellet RF Smoker. Need Input

    It is actually cheaper for me to roll a new one than to buy a new tank.  Then I also dont have all the bungs to deal with.  I dont have pics yet as I havent bought anything yet.  Trying to decide if its going to perform how I want, as I have not seen one done yet.  I like to research and take...
  4. ballagh

    Deisgn Stages of a Monster Pellet RF Smoker. Need Input

    Like this one I built that I am using now :) I have used than all and love using them now. I have had zero problems with pellet hoppers and cold smokers. I would put mine up against anything on the market :)
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  6. ballagh

    Deisgn Stages of a Monster Pellet RF Smoker. Need Input

    My last two smokers I built, (SS double door commercial fridge, and Ultimate Drum Smoker) I have used Smoke Daddys Pellet Hopper and am in love with them now.  I used every fuel source in the past, and with kids,a business, etc...It is what works for me now.  Being to sleep all night, and run it...
  7. 1st UDS build

    1st UDS build

  8. ballagh

    1st UDS build

    To get the lid to fit you have to rivit or weld a ring on the inside of the drum.
  9. DSC_0247.JPG


  10. ballagh

    gasket around weber lid on uds

    has anyone found a gasket type they like to use on the weber lids when using them on a uds?  i welded a 1" rim that sticks up 1/2" above the drum top and trying to decide if i should put a gasket on it.  i am almost done with the fab work and getting ready to season it.  guess well find out huh.
  11. ballagh

    Pellet Fired UDS Build

    did u put any type of gasket on your lid? also did you seal up around the hopper auger arm at all?
  12. ballagh

    removing the finish from a factory weber lid

    sandblasting worked very well.  a little too well. actually warped the rim a little bit.  a little hammering on a sand bag brought her right back into place though.  just got it back from the powder coater and it looks amazing.  
  13. ballagh

    Ultimate Drum Smoker

    Incredible 1 day turn around at the powder coater has put me way ahead of schedule. He did an amazing job on the drum, lid and drum cart. All high gloss black and flawless. Half way through the final assembly. Here are some pics.
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