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  1. Recently bought a Yoder loaded Wichita....any other Yoder owners out there?
  2. noboundaries

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    Don't own one.  Would love to but shipping to CA?  Ooooh weeee!  Nice smoker!
  3. Are those "Naval Aviator" wings?..did 10 years myself..Had my second smoke with the new Yoder...did ribs first, they turned out great...and today was two pork butts, got them resting now, will see how they turned out in about an hour.
  4. noboundaries

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    PtW, Yep.  1310.  Light attack.  A-7E Corsair II.  Kitty Hawk and Enterprise.  77-87.  All three now, plane and ships, are relics, just like me!

    What did you fly and when?

    And don't forget to post pics of today's smoke!

  5. Razor, recognized the wings, but didn't have a pair myself. I was enlisted (Ocean Systems Technician Second Class) from 88-98..We chased Russian subs around the ocean. I remember the A-7 when I was stationed near NAS Oceana Va. They were loud!

    The pork butts turned out great, I have found brining them makes a big difference. They were pulled and eaten before I could get any pics!!!

    And yes, the shipping on theYoder was around $350.00. I won some cash is the ncaa march madness bracket that covered it!
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    I have a Yoder Cheyenne and am looking to upgrade to a Kingman as soon as they get some more in, and luckily living in Wichita, KS, the factory is right next door so the local place (allthingsbbq) delivers for free :)

    Have had the Cheyenne for 2 years now, love it but have outgrown it, the loaded Wichita is sweet but figured another $800 or so more would get me a Kingman so why not!
  7. I almost bought the Cheyenne, but was worried I would need to upgrade, so I went with the Wichita. So far I love it. Good luck with the Kingman, remember, its only money!!

    Have you heard anything about Yoder merchandise? I would love to get a hat or something to show off to all my Charbroil loving neighbors!
  8. chef willie

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    I got Yoder envy now......REALLY would like the pellet pumper but the price plus S&H to Oregon is beyond grasp. Now, if I can hit the Keno numbers, I'm in.
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    Start up the 640 yesterday. Ran 1.5 lbs of bacon just to test it out. Got a hot spot and unbalanced heating.

    The after noon run looked like this....


    Y= Yoders digital Temp

    R= RediChek Center of the grill

    T= Outdoor temperature

    —-= Digital Temperature rise & steady indicator

    Startup 3:09PM, Breezy 70°

    U 26, Start 1

    Temp Set - 230°

    3:20    230°Y—-     194°R

        Moved baffle in 6”

    3:36    206°Y—    190°R

    Opened to load 1.5lbs Bacon, Pict #1

    3:40    166°Y—    145°R

    3:50    224°Y—    210°R

    4:03    249°Y—    210°R

    4:25    231°Y—    217°R    69°T

    Opened for picture #2 Near edge right showing signs of over cooking, hot spot

    Closed    209°Y—    190°R

    4:42    234°Y—-    212°R    66°T

    5:00    243°Y—    226°R

    Open for picture #3

    5:03    237°Y—    194°R

    5:15    232°Y—    219°R    65°T

    5:30    233°Y—    223°R

    Open picture #4

    5:31    226°Y—-    205°R    62°T

    5:45 236°Y        217°R

    END Picture #5

    Image #1 Loaded

    Image #2 Lower right corner shows over heating

    Image #3

    Image #3

    Image #4

    Image #5 END

    The 3 slices on the bottom right were over cooked and brittle. All the others were pretty close to even. I checked the foil this morning and there was no overhang on any of the edges.

    Note the differences in the Yoders Temperatures and the RediChek. I never have gotten these to stay close to each other. I have checked the RediChek and it is accurate.

    Any comments?


  10. I have the Wichita stick burner, don't know much about the pellets. Many you need a new Illudium Q-36 (Explosive Space Modulator).

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