Yea, to avoid this?

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  1. I got the brisket out before any damage was done.

    I had only smoked two chickens and one fattie in the MES 30 before today's brisket.  It was on the rack without foil, and 
    internal temperature had just hit 170 when the fire broke out.

    It was clear that drippings started the flames.

    What would you suggest I do to prevent flames the next time?  Brisket was on the rack, no foil.


    (Sorry for the sideway's pic.....I tried to fix it, to no avail.....)

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  2. Put a drip pan underneath the meat seems the most sensible solution to me.  I've yet to do a brisket but when I do pulled pork I put the butts in one of those disposable foil pans, more to be able to recover all the wonderful juices but it does have the added benefit of a cleaner smoker when the smoke is done.
  3. Glad to see you saved it. I put a drip pan under it. I also want to save the drippings for later.

    Happy smoken.

  4. Sorry to see this happen, but glad you caught it in time. Like it's been said, a drip pan will fix this problem right up.

    PS. It's kind a funny you took the time to take a picture of the fire in your electric smoker [​IMG]
  5. Drip pans it is!  Using them today under the ribs I'm smoking....

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