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  1. What is your favorite BBQ cookbook? 

    How many of you out there rely primarily on one cookbook?  On the contrary, how many of you like to collect BBQ cookbooks to help formulate your own recipes?
  2. foamheart

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    I own a lot of cookbooks, really walls of cookbooks. Not a single BBQ cookbook to my knowledge.

    When I started, men didn't read written instructions. Only in the past few years, basically since Cable TV has it grown past backyards and BBQ joints. No remote thermometers you took into consideration how your pit smoked, the weather, the meat, the smoke and with experience you can gauge the right amount of time.

    Now BBQ is like a computer, plug and play. Don't get me wrong, its a great way to shorten the learning curve so more folks can enjoy smoking SAFELY. If it makes it so more folks can enjoy more smoke, it has to be a good thing.

    Just explaining why I didn't have an BBQ cook books. Although I am sincerly considering some on fermentation sausages at the moment and I did buy a Cheese Making book per GaryS. I have all the stuff but still have not tryed it yet.
  3. I have loads of cook books two are Barbque cook books the most resent is Jeff's cook book the other one I have had for around 15 years or more it was my smoking bible until smoking meat forms came along. I still go back to it from time to time because it has great information in it and great recipes. I am at chemo right now with my wife so I can't tell you the name of the book but I will post it when I get back home.
  4. Thanks for your feedback!  I like cookbooks and Youtube videos to help learn new BBQ'ing tips.
  5. Sorry it took so long to get back with the name of that Barbque book that had been my smoking bible for the past more than 15 years, Things got crazy last week and I lost track of a lot of things. Smoke & Spice is the name of the book.
  6. 3montes

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    I have many old cookbooks most of them have recipes ripped out of old newspapers or magazines stuffed in between the pages. I seldom if ever refer to them and that is probably my loss. I'm sure there are many good recipes to be had there. I surf the web looking for recipes I can adapt to wood fired smoking. Mainly in a effort to try to stay out of a cooking rut cooking the same things over and over. I try to push myself into trying new things. Not always easy.

     I go to many of the food producers web sites. Johnsonville Sausage has many recipes for instance. Most all the producers have a recipe link with some good finds there.
  7. I like Smoke & Spice, Smoking' (Myron Mixon) and Big Bob Gibson's BBQ Book.
  8. I compleatly forgot about all my web searches for Barbque recipes that I have printed out and filed away. Not to mention almost every Barbque recipe Jeff has posted and many from every one who posts recipes on smoking meat forms. I like to look at many different recipes for the same thing then take what I consider to be the best of all of them and make it my own. I have hundreds of printed out recipes of this sort that I often use. I love to experiment even if I have a winner it's fun to experiment with different flavors.
  9. 3montes

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    Well seeing as how I don't refer to all the cookbooks I already have I picked this one up at the home improvement store today.

    Lots of information on grilling which I'm a little shy on. I have a Santa Maria grill from AZ BBQ coming in a couple months so I wanted to brush up on grilling skills and get some new recipes. Lots of good stuff inside I like it so far.
  10. bdskelly

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    I just bought Franklin Barbecue.  It's a wonderful story about his beginning along with basic recipes and even smoker build advice.  It brought out the Barbecue Nerd in me. Delightful. b
  11. There are many out there. I'm partial to Paul Kirk and Dr. BBQ. Jeff's book is good too, as is Meathead Goldwyn's.
  12. I have a few BarBQ / grilling cook books but my bible is a book called smoke and spice that I bought 20 years ago when I started smoking, I also like Jeff's book I have had success with both books but my go to for good reliable information is smoking meat forms.

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