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Discussion in 'Pork' started by scpatterson, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. scpatterson

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    I need some help here. I plan on another big smoke this weekend (Ribs Only) but I want to do some different things with them. Please give me some ideas on something even if you havent tried it but think its worth trying let me know and I will try it and post some pics of each and which one I liked the best. Got till Friday so I can go pick up what I need as far as ingredients. I have never used a rub that like better than salt, pepper, onion, garlic powder. Seems everyone uses some kind of rub or spritz or something.
    Got a Secret BBQ sauce so dont need anyting there. Technique anything...Thanks
  2. gooose53

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    I'll hit http://www.amazingribs.com/ to get some different ideas. I've tried a few of his ideas and they've worked well. You could try brining for a change. Since you have your own rub and sauce, there's not much else I can help you with. Good luck.
  3. flash

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    Smoke them bone up. [​IMG]

    I mean their ribs...different spices, different sauces. That's about it.
  4. stickyfingers

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    Often thought of using salsa as a marinade/rub prior to smoking then finish with more salsa...my version of southwestern style. I haven't done it....but why not?
  5. nysmokes

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    One of the local BBQ Joints near me : http://www.pjsbarbq.com/

    use this recipe as a mop http://www.cornell.edu/search/index....acts&q=&id=132

    It is non-traditional (obviously) as far as rubs go, and they cook the ribs over coals, but rather than using a smoker, they keep the ribs approx 2 feet above the coals and cook them this way for 2-3 hours.

    Again - you want get the traditional taste of the rib if you like them dry, but gives them a great flavor. If you use BBQ sauce, they taste real good with a hickory smokey BBQ sauce. They come out tender as well, I really like them when I cant spend an afternoon smoking my own. I am planning on trying the recipe soon - never did it myself.

    Good luck
  6. meat hunter

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    Well I am certainly no rib professional, but I have turned out a few really good ones lately. If your looking for something different to try, I would say use your imagination. I was turned on to this method by a fellow member, who I give credit to in the post. He has some really good smokes. This is the last rib smoke I did.


    You would not think that Kool-aid would have its place in smoking meets, but it just goes to show you that one should not be limited to a certain way of doing things, especially when it comes to smoking meats.

    Also, the rub you have listed looks great. Step away from the norm of spritzing with apple juice and try something off the wall. Peach schnapps?
    Apple schnapps?

    I used Captain Morgans spiced rum last time and it was quite good.

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