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  1. Hello, Im a carpenter from northwest il, love to hunt fish, boating most outdoor activities, I also love to cook on the grille, I have a weber 22" kettle grill I use for most everything from ribs, burgers, to meatloaf, chicken.  I also have a small charbroil offset smoker I've tried to use, but with very little luck, its' difficult to control the heat in it, I think because the firebox is small and cant produce enough heat across the grill surface. I'm seriously considering building a "uds", which I think would be fun but would also be a great way to learn how to smoke meat better and be more in control of the process. Any info and ideas are welcome, I'd love to learn more about and get better at this. Thank you
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    [​IMG]   To SMF glad to have you on board. Take the time to read Initial Greeting on Home page it has a lot of info on how to get around the sight also on the top of home page is a search engine. Ask your questions and get many answers,
  3. welcome to smf .I am new to smoking to I just got a trager pellet smoker a Texas pro for Xmas have made a pork butt and chiken on it has turned out great good luck in your search there's a lot of smokers out there.
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    Welcome to the board! You'll see a lot of different smoking rigs here. Everyone is happy to help, ask away.
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    Welcome to SMF! You came to the right place. Lots of knowledgeable folks on here to help you.

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    Welcome to the forum from the NW burbs of Chicago. Lots of good ideas here and advice regardless of which way you decide to go

    There are a few mods I've seen for the weber that helps maintain heat and create zones. Check out the Fire Butler

    Personally I recently went with a pellet grill and have not regretted it. Very easy to maintain temp - high and low. Very versatile with almost any type of cook
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