Venison overload, recipes wanted!

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by vikkip, Nov 17, 2015.

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    I have a lot of venison to convert into sausages this year.  Problem is that my go-to recipes are nearly all pork sausage.  I can cold or hot smoke and have a 5# stuffer, casings of many sizes, pink salt, NFDM, spices, etc.  I'm looking for a couple of simple and good recipes:

    Summer sausage:  Looking for a smoked summer sausage recipe that uses black peppercorns and mustard seed, not too dry.

    Pepperoni:  Looking to make this year round, so both beef and venison variants if spices vary.  Since I am not equipped to make a true dried pepperoni, pepperoni sticks or American style semi-dry would work.

    Venison-bacon:  I have a good supply of cured cold smoked bacon ends and have toyed with the idea of grinding some into venison.  But I don't know what flavors would enhance that experience.

    And another family request is a clone recipe for the Kowalski Mild Hunter's Sausage.  These and pepperoni are the only sausage my daughter will eat.  I have tried a few times but haven't come close to the real thing.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm in the same boat. I kinda cheat and buy the summer sausage kit at Fleet Farm. My grinder/stuffer puked on me, but I have a hand grinder. I will be watching your thread for ideas.
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    Venison overload? Not a bad problem to have!

    Do a search for the recipes you want, and you'll find MANY on this site!

    Most all venison sausage recipes will want you to add pork since the venison is so lean. LOTS of great ways to use deer in sausages.
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    I did pure venison snack sticks a couple yrs ago for a guy here at work and I told him they are going to be dry and you need to add some fat, pork fat or what ever, he said no,,, SO I smoked them for him and dryest ever....I would think you would need pork added or some 80/20 ground beef,,, 

    Good luck and let us know...... I wish I had your problem "Venison Overload" Tag soup so for for me this yr. 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker 

  5. vikkip

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    I found this recipe...

    and it sounds delicious.  I have Fermento on hand as well as cultured buttermilk, how does one compare to the other for flavor?

    If I substituted venison for the beef, should I use 3 lb venison and 2 lb ground pork butt?

    Has anyone tried adding ground bay leaf or bay smoke?
  6. crankybuzzard

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    The ratio you have will be fine. I use about 30% pork, but I like the venison flavor to be the dominant.

    I haven't used fermento, so no help here. I've used powdered bay leaf before, but really didn't notice a big enhancement.
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    How 'bout venison pastrami? Separate the hind into the 3 major muscles. Put them into pops brine with some pickling spices for 10-14 days. Smoke @ 225* until you hit a IT of 165*. Place in a foil pan with some broth and cover tightly and steam till 201-204*.

    I'm in the process of making my first batch, but I had some a buddy made last yr and its delicious.

    Buddies and I make 200+ lbs of venison sausage every yr. I use Mortons meatloaf and sausage mix.. yes you read it correct. Its on there web sight.
    Its a breakfast type sausage. I typically mix 65% ven to 35% pork. I use pork shoulder. I try to keep the pork 70-30% meat to fat.

    We course grind once, and let sit overnight before running through the patty machine. Damm good stuff.
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  8. vikkip

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    I tried corned venison and venison pastrami last year, my family did not care for it.  Sausage that has only a hint of venison goes over very well, like the venison-cheddar-jalapeno smoked sausage I make every year.  But I have about a two year supply in the freezer now so no need to make more of that!

    I made a half batch of "Smoked Slim Jims" and a half batch of "Pepperoni Sticks".  I'll see how they turn out then decide if I want to make more.  I made these 60/40 venison to pork.

    I still have a good supply of fresh venison on hand that I need to process tomorrow.  I really want some summer sausage.  And I will probably stop at the grocery store and get some beef for pepperoni.

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