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  1. Well after my last post about getting my brinkmann verticle water smoker hotter. I am ready to smoke my springs first meal.  I am going to leave the water out of the smoker and see if that helps some with the heat, I need to get a new thermometer for the smoker door, as most of the stock ones are crap. Does anybody have any suggestions on were to get a good one?

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    My suggestion would be to leave the stock one in to block the hole and get a Maverick ET-73 or ET-732 remote therm. The replacement ones from the big box stores are not accurate at all. Also, you should still use a thermal mass in your ECB. If not water, sand or a couple bricks/round paver. I like the bricks because the sand can get pretty nasty with the drippings and such.
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    I agree with the Mavericks, and you can monitor smoker and meat temps at the same time and also set up alerts for time or temp spikes.
  4. by ECB I assume you are meaining the smoker.. something to help hold the heat like a brick as you suggested? in teh bottom of the smoker with the ash falls or on a shelf were the water pan is.  I am a bit confused could you help me out>? Thanks
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    I think he means to fill your water pan with sand, a lot of people do it and it helps to hold heat and maintain temps. I have sand in the water pan of my GOSM and it has really helped keep more consistent temps. I also either lay a piece of foil over the sand to catch the drippings or put a foil pan right on top of the sand and fill with water if I want a little extra humidity. I have seen where people have used lava rocks or fire brick in the pan or in place of the pan or lined the bottom or sides of smoker with fire bricks. Any kind of safe thermal mass will help maintain constant temps. Search the forum for mods to your brinkman or any vertical smoker and you will find a lot of helpful advice to make your smoker work better for you.
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    To clarify, I was stating that yes, the bricks/sand would be in the water pan location. Removing the pan altogether would lead to grilling over the coals. You need that thermal mass between the meat and fire in vertical smokers. The ECB mods are tried and true. I got tired of the mess from ash and charcoal, so I went to natural gas instead. Much cheaper and a rock solid way to control heat. But I did get alot of great Q from my modded ECB.

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