Storing Cooked Brisket

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  1. I am planning on smoking a brisket overnight on the 22nd to be eaten on the evening of the 24th, my question is do I rest it like normal then refrigerate it for 24 hours ish then reheat and slice? Also, if refrigerating then reheating it whole then slicing is the best method, what temp to reheat at and how long? Any suggestions/advice will be much appreciated.

  2. A little QView from the Thanksgiving brisket a few weeks ago.
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    If you smoke it until probe tender, there is no need for a long rest. Just let it cool, tented with foil, on the counter, wrap in foil and refer. Keep wrapped and reheat in a 325°F Oven to an IT of 160, slice and serve. You can make some Jus to serve Au Jus for extra flavor and moisture...JJ
  4. Thanks, JimmyJ.

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